Well ladies and gentlemen for the next three months I’m hoping to make this a weekly thing. For now ill keep it on the Saturday just to keep things simple and consistent. The times slots will also remain the same as they seem to cover most of the games population. I will continue to update this topic each week with the Date/Time regardless though.

September 29th
EU Time Slot
NA Time Slot

There is NO guarantee of prizes as I will be far too busy during the week to farm keys or even play that much. I’m still happy to raffle off what keys I have or any donated Items/Kaiden Container Keys. However, it will be determined on the fly if that will be possible every Saturday.

As per usual PvP channel will be the central chat channel used for communication. For voice chat there is a channel on the Funcom Official Discord that is also available for use during the event. I don’t actually know how to share this discord but It should be easy enough for most to find. #omgpvpwtf is the voice channel dedicated to PvP banter.

We will also have some DJ entertainment going on throughout the day and everyone is encouraged to tune in. DJDanyAngel I’m sure will have a great lineup of songs to PvP to :slight_smile:


Pretty sure that’s the same time as the Cabal Pride event, isn’t it?

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Yes. The topic’s been pinned for a while now:

Probably not going to actually help PvP (specifically in regards to being beter accepted by Funcom) to have events at cross-purposes with other community stuff.

And before you say ‘well, Shambala matches are quick’: that may be true, but cabal pride is not actually aimed at Millenials with the attention-span of a Twitter-addicted fruit fly. Popping out for quick Shambala matches is going to disrupt that experience.

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Will have to see if I can join but I am interested.
I am horrible at pvp but I enjoy doing stuff with the community. Any chance that we get teamcommunication in the matches? Would be a shame to get together with randoms and not being able to coordinate with them. Or do we need premade teams?


Ah yes, might have to move this to next weekend? Would give others more time to prepare and also we don’t want to tread on something that is already established.
i’m all for the PVP event for sure - but Cabal pride has that date already ear marked it seems.
@Leogrim Shambala is random selection so we can’t make premade teams. But during the waiting times i think we’re all going to hang out in Seoul Fight Club - you will be able to do team selections there or 1v1 im certain.


I have no Cabal nor pride. So if im able to log in, im in.


Well neither do i as such, i have my own cabal to share bank space between alts easier. But with this being an already taken up date for an event that has been ongoing for years i think - it wouldn’t do any favours to appear to muscle in nor would it be sensible to assume that one community had any right over the others already planned event.

No need to get any knickers in a twist Drenneth is a community type of guy, he will just reschedule the date :wink:

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Have adjusted the times accordingly. (It was only to first period that overlapped with the cabal pride event by one hour if I’m not mistaken) Its very early in the morning for me though so if you don’t mind please confirm that the adjusted time is correct. If anything I suspect running it on the same day but not overlapping with the cabal pride timing will be beneficial to the event. Thanks for the info.



I don’t wish to ask for additional prizes since this is more of a test run to get a feel for how it might turn out in the future but I would encourage that if people wish to give out additional rewards during the event then they are more then welcome to do so. Something like is all i will be using to draw names from each match.

Looks right. You didn’t change to 11:00 - 14:00 EST in the ‘when’ section of OP though, just on the note about the drawing.

Also, probably should ask if you mean EST, given US East coast is on EDT right now… which adds an extra layer of ‘potentially confuse people about times’.

Moving the time is good enough i would say :smiley: agreeing also that it could be beneficial to the event if there are people around to see stuff happening.
CommUnity spirit and all that :smiley:

Ah yes thanks corrected now. Hmm I guess ill switch it to EDT… I’m not even sure what the difference is to be honest it comes up as both options when I use a time converter.

Randomly guessing you’re in Europe then, basically like CET and CEST. Except the US and the EU don’t make the daylight savings switch on the same date and… well, there’s a reason people on the web have started listing GMT times for events mostly. :wink:

Nice idea, but it was only pure luck and a little boredom that I clicked on this thread. I had ignored it the last couple of visits. With perhaps a slightly more informative title you may get more people interested?

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Agreed I was debating the same thing. Thanks for the advice!

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I work that day but should be able to stop in for a bit.

Going strong! 22 pops for me this morning, but a craving for food finally drove me away.

we had about 50 total in the 3hour period, will be doing an official summary after the NA timeslot is finished.

And thats probably a low estimate as there were double matches going on for some time and the matches were back to back

Its almost Shambala time! get your overloads ready