The future of PvP in SWL

Battle ranks are still on the leader board for Shambala, they just don’t seem to be counting anything.

If anyone hasn’t seen it yet - Shambala round 3 is coming up

Yes Ive noticed them there since the beginning. I wonder how much work it would be for them to bring the Battlerank feature back into SWL. Its something I felt they could have done a lot with in TSW also. Even if the rewards were all cosmetic (which is perhaps the best option). I remember saying back in TSW how cool it would be to have a “pet” where you could summon the 4 relics of El Dorado.

I think ill just add it to the feedback and suggestion channel regardless.


Summoning the relics of Eldorado as a pet lol i like it - like the spirit toro.

Eldorado would perhaps be the easiest of all to reinstate since it’s a timed effort of capture/hold defend relics for X amount of time. The shambala playfield doesn’t allow much in the way of Faction relative PvPing and matches are very short even for the Gnat brained crew.

Fusang i think could also be added back with only it’s functional features - sort of a BETA battleground to allow us to play strategically like we used to. It would only need a working button to repair the gates and to claim facs. Perhaps the only mission it would need is “The underdogs” to get a custy up and running - just the functional features as it were to begin with for testing.

Stonehenge also would be very easy to add - that was just as much a timed effort as ED was…

I really don’t see why they can’t be added .

I also think over complicating any of the PVP battlegrounds with missiony type things would work to it’s disadvantage - and should always remain OFF the list of daily challenges (Complete a winning ED/SH or shambala) - but still count towards a daily main as much as a dungeon or scenario would.

It’s not rocket science
(I’m nipping at the heels that are being dragged here)

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Out of all the PvP zones El Dorado was by far my favourite. However what made it my favourite was the diversity of tanking roles that it supported. One of the key roles was some type of relic protection or acquisition both normally carried out by a tank. That being said tanking in SWL currently is a mess both in PVE and in PvP with the non tanking friendly EFB, Funcom already has the pressure of fixing it in PvE I’m not sure they want the added pressure of dealing with it in PvP yet. That being said this could have the effect of making ElDorado more dynaimic then It ever was before with relics switching sides constantly.

Stonehenge was much like a 15 minute Shambala match with the added feature of king of the hill. So tanking was sometimes a key role here but not always. It would likely work well with the current dps/healer balancing that already exists.

Fusang is perhaps the largest scale zone to add but it quite likely puts the least strain on potential ability balancing issues. For the most part a pure tank role was never needed except for some specialized tactics and most people ran either survival or in zergs with healers and dps.

Stonehenge is the one I really want to try, mostly only did Fusang before. I didn’t really PVP that much in the old game because I was terrible at it, but I realized how much fun it was (even losing) in other games since.

Only one way to get better…

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Be sure to check the details of today’s Shambala Event ROUND 3!!



Is TSW still in use? Does it still have players doing pvp? Probably not, right? I really miss TSW. The skill wheel, fusang, ED, the pvp community and everything else the game had. SWL seems lacking in many departments and turned into a boring grind. Also sucks losing all progress and having to restart. Got bored by the time I reached 2nd egypt. If I had pvp it might be nicer but like this I really have no incentive to play the game at the moment. I’ll be damned if I start doing dungeons/lairs/raids. Sad.

But was that a rare thing? Like 1 stonehenge a day? Week? How long did you wait in queue? And what about fusang?

Unless you or someone else is hyping people to do something there I wouldn’t expect much anymore.

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That is really the hope right now. Will it ever be the same as what we had in TSW? Probably not. But SWL still maintains the same great community and that’s enough for me to stick around and wait. The fact that TSW isn’t open to new players (in any simple form) has always been the thing that shut the doors for me. I don’t wish to spend my time there watching what few remain slowly dwindle away.

Why not add that as a Patron reward? It takes nothing away from those that already have the game, and might get those that would like to experience the PvP or game in it’s original form a chance to try it. TSW is being maintained and it’s just sitting there. Why not potentially make a few bucks off it? Sony/Daybreak has for years had an all access pass to their games - it’s down to four now - but if you play more than one, it’s a nice getting the sub perks. I never understood why FC hasn’t done that for it’s older titles that they’re still maintaining.

Sorry that digressed a bit from the PvP thread. Weekends haven’t been working this past month, but glad to see the events you started doing so well Drenneth!

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I have always gotten the odd feeling that this game has a larger weekday population though I’ve not looked at the numbers closely. That being said I’ll decide to perhap run the event on a Friday next time? Will decide this weekend. Also that’s a brilliant idea you have there! I always thought ah Funcom doesn’t want to make the old game available cause less people will sub in the new one. But if it were a patron reward that’s a win win situation.

It’s sad that i tried to scroll the leaderboard down to see the other teams - dammit!

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Who ever said you cant look good while destroying your enemies?

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Sometimes you just need to embrace your enemies while the storm passes by.

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“The Face Off”

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When you thought you could just stomach that fireball…

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Who said bunnies can’t jump?

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In case anybody wondered about it:

Haven´t logged in the game for Weeks/Months(?).
At the moment I completely lost interest in the game and I will pobably only return for fresh Story-content and/or massive changes about PVP (New Modes/Maps, wich means it has to be live/ingame. Promises etc. won´t keep me playing).

Kudos to Drenneth and everyone else who tries to make the best out of shambala (including Funcom sponsoring it) but i just don´t feel like playing it.
I will keep watching the forums and how things evolve.
Have fun!