Tempalrs rule where is pvp

Hi all long time no see people . Did they add pvp so i can come back or still only shembella #Rptilltheendoftimes mode?

fraid not mate! hope you’re keeping well :smiley:

i am good playin age of conan again… missin tsw:( legends is bad …for me


No Fusang, no ED, no SH. And I think even if they did add it, we would still be stuck with a horrible gear grind that makes Korean MMOs look weak…

I miss pocket-healing you and xe5. Those were the days. :slight_smile:

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Term “PvP” is not encouraged to use in SWL. Nothing here, move a long…

Such a pleasant surprise! Long time since I’ve seen this name. Glad you are doing well. Nothing much in the way of PvP I’m afraid aside from the odd fight club brawl or forced Shambala pop. Its not something I expect to see change anymore either sadly. The momentum of the relaunch is gone now and quite frankly there is no reason for them to even consider devoting any time to bringing PvP back because of that.

As soon as they add PvP, I make sure I will hunt your butt down like in old days :wink: :heart:

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I don´t think real™ PVP will come back, me included as a player.
But I´m still watching the forums, just in case I´m wrong ^^.

Yeah i miss you all folks allies and enemies After all the blood the tears etc we where in that hole together and w/o you was nothin so <3. Farewall brave warriors and remember I love you all. Death Cryfor-mesky Blooms


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