I miss FUSANG from TSW

I miss FUSANG from TSW… because I liked to make the provisions and also smaller troops formed. Of course, the system must be changed to an open policy and a group election must be restructured. The bonus is a good motivating agent. Maybe you can occupy the big robot. Of course, it would always be in favour of a factional dispute, since groups here were determined by fundamental choice. But what do you mean? Do you still know Fusang ? or Eldorado ?Stone… has been similarly inserted on one or two players.

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Have no fear, Help is available

And this topic still remains one of the most popular topics about the game before it was closed.

FuSang was the best.
2: El Dorado
3: Stonehenge
4: The Wi-Fi password

Even in its current state, which is not really any better than when it started.

FuSang still ranks among my best MMO VP memories. Right behind Star Trek online, before you could purchase ships w/special consoles, but, above WoW PVP.


I did Install Classic TSW after a Long Pause of SWL, Just to PVP in sang.

It is a Bit empty but we did manage to get 3 drags and 3 temps thogether and did Fight over the facs Like in old days.

I will do this more often.

And SWL ruined me. I was Helpless. Controls are different


Remember that time they put PvE event content in Fusang and the battlequeues were broken? Good times

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Well - last i was there - PVP in Fusang was illegal.

If you kill someone they kick you for killing them and they get real angry and foul mouthed, i could post a screenie and you would ALL die laughing at what you read

When you tell them “But its PVP” they say “NO it isn’t”! and they get terribly mad at you for trying to take over facs coz you are stopping them from doing their PVE missions LMAO!!!

TSW works great as a standalone edition of SWL

SWL is like the demo version of TSW

You want something a bit more challenging, go to TSW
It has amazing PVP

There is a few peeps heading over there recently
It has a certain - appeal about it now
Now more than ever in fact.



I’m coming back to TSW for a little bit of pvp magic Scratch, hopefully we’ll get enough old timers to get an ED pop, i kinda miss that the most, if not Fusang will do just fine, cya in there Sunday :crazy_face:

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Sunday FUnday?


I better get some sleep then^^

I want to go and see it. I’ve never been in.

Eat - PVP - Repeat - The SECRETE World. Sounds nice.

was on the whole day, made some old NM dung and had a bit PVP,
sang needs to get organised.

Their is a discord for the old TSW vets where u can even ask for NM raids

@Ceruleana - i need your name for TSW, tried to add you and says no name exists
Also @Scratch1 - I already still have you on the list :smiley:

OMG it plays soooo smoothly :smiley:

It’s Ceruleanuh… When I tried to use Ceruleana and Ceruleanna in TSW they were taken. I was glad to be able to get what I wanted in SWL lol. I went back to play when Sevenoir did a while back. That’s when there were quite a few people going back for PVP.

Hey, what is the quickest way to get BB? I forgot, and I need to change my gear badly.

HAHA, I SEE YOU!! :smiley:

Dungeon NM Dungeon
With a good group u can finish them in no time