-We need a pvp mode as a stable income-

This game needs a ranked faction pvp mode that allows the players to earn ap-sp, anima shards, faction pvp outfits, and marks of favor, in an infinite amount; by just playing and grinding in it, and doing it’s pvp-specific missions.

As long as there is an everlastingly useful and symbolic way at getting whatever we need through participating in pvp matches, the idea of waiting for new contents will be that much bearable.

But we need something to get busy all day, and not worry about a thing at all. That said, the old Fusang and it’s constant mission rewards were able to provide just that.

Thank you all for reading my post, and i await your replies. Good day!


If this change happens, i swear that i will never play another game in my life, to keep an old promise to myself. Let’s say that i am a fan of the pvp in TSW and SWL. Let me briefly explain what i mean:

-In tsw, i have earned my ap-sp s and black bullions by repeatedly doing fusang, el dorado, and stonehenge matches.

-The reason was hidden behind the adrenaline of fighting for your faction against other factions, and the constant use of the pvp chat box. Yes, that was a thing.

-By the time i had started doing the normal missions of the game in kingsmouth, i already had all of the inner circle, and a complete ql 10 custom made talismans and weapons. And i was only doing those pve missions for the laughs.

-One day, i swore to myself that as long as the faction pvp and it’s infinitely useful rewards were usable; i would never play another game in my life. But life is full of disappointments, i’m afraid. :cry:

-When the swl was launched, i wanted to only play shambala to build my character from ground up, as usual; but learning that it only gave shards and talismans, glyphs, and weapons (all green quality), and no exp or ap-sp gains at least, perhaps MoF (a wishful dream); i knew the pvp would eventually cease to exist.

-To top it off, shambala is a random team, no faction game; so there were no uniforms used. Except for the oldies who would voluntarily wear their top rank uniforms from the old days.

Need i say more?

To sum up: The faction pvp is the core element of end-game action of this game. Without it, people will only play the missions, and go play another game. Which kills my soul every day.


…What? You just asked so people who hate PvP (like me) and totally not interested in it would be left behind by all means just because we are not interested? What?

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It is equally easy to ask for a reward update to the infinitely doable dungeons about the same rewards mentioned in my post.

But pvp is more important to me. I personally treat PvE contents as a side-dish to my PvP main-dish.

Once again, it is my opinion.

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I am completely with you, I also got my gear in TSW only by running PVP like Fusang and El Dorado, I loved it cause you had something to do while waiting for friends or new Content or whatever. It was fun and gave the Faction thing a sense. I really really hope it will come to SWL too. I hate that there is no PVP in here, Shambala doesnt matter for me cause ist boring, short and not Faction oriented. I know many People in SWL waiting for the PVP part in here!


How would you be left behind?
I think the suggestion is basically to bring back PVP as an option for leveling your toon and gear the same was as we could before.

I did this in TSW - levelled mostly through PVP because Fusang was persistent warzone.
Kills got you XP - which eventually nets you AP/SP,
Missions like “Kill X amount of players” or “Capture X amount of facilities / Wells” etc netted you Black bullion or Marks so you could buy the upgrades for your gear.
Eldorado and Stonehenge you could que for also and required just wins to net the bigger rewards of BB’s/Marks.

You could also get faction PVP uniforms which showed off your rank in PVP - gained from kills and PVP XP that also went on to a PVP leader board - this leader board was called “The Chronicle” and also documented ALL of your kills across ALL of the world in PVE from mobs etc and more.

I was one of those people who did more PVP as my source of levelling and my chosen playfield was Fusang. PVP was the reason i logged in every day in TSW.

The point is, there should be this route still available to those who just like to pvp or want to pvp or do so while waiting for other things to do.

Nobody gets left behind

There are these options to gain XP/SP/AP in the world as it is but it’s through PVE missions, Raids, Dungeons - with those being repeatable and never changing - they can become stale eventually.
PVP was a constant changing atmosphere as well as builds and tactic and strategy = fun.

You only get left behind if you sit doing nothing yourself.
By someone asking for the ever changing world of PVP to be reinstated as a viable method of their personal levelling - is not taking anything away from anyone else nor would it hinder it.

I think you jumped the gun there Jess
Also he didn’t say make PVP mandatory - if you hate pvp then you don’t have to do it.
If you’re not interested - then you don’t have to do it.
But plz don’t get salty when someone asks or puts forward a perfectly good reason or suggestion like this when there are a lot of people clammin for this to be back in game.

FYI - all those reasons - are why i myself have never played another game since playing TSW/SWL - it’s the main reason i stayed.


What triggered me is ‘free infinite pool of MoF’ for one half of community. Everything else we have in PvE, that’s I know.

There’s already an infinite pool of mof for everyone.
You can sell everything you get on the AH all day from every bag you get from every mission if you choose to.
having said that - i’m pretty certain that MoF’s on their own would never be added as a reward to any mission - be it PVE or PVP or w/e
But you are rewarded green bags which can be opened and sold for MoFs
infinite - for everyone - if you choose to do so.

So far - those who would like to PVP are hurt the most because there is none and no way for them to enjoy the game as much as they would like to.

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This is not how it was put btw - quoting out of context with a kneejerk reaction

basically means in a nutshell - please add PVP back the way it was before so PVPers can enjoy THIS game as much as — those who enjoy gaining their rewards from PVE do.
it’s just about player balance - which adds to retention of playerbase
or we will lose them
it’s all choice.
Not mandatory,
And also

Not just – ‘free infinite pool of MoF’
(even though that can be gained, somewhat - by everyone - regardless)

@Meta-Moth dude, chill. I quoted only part that I had question about. All the rest - I either don’t care or am fine with, why would I write about it.

Oh my, Hold on to your knees dear :smiley: I am chill - It’s just a reply - i’m only correcting your misinterpretation of the OP’s request/suggestion. Which i felt was out of context. It’s a common mistake so don’t worry.
Many people who don’t like PVP often reply with a kneejerk response at the mere mention of it. Without looking at it’s entire picture. They often feel like something is being taken away from them or that they would be left out if pvp got any type of attention.
It really isn’t a problem.
Since the rewards for everyone are the same rewards across the board.
infinite mofs for everyone!
yay! :smiley:

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Really appreciate this being reopened. PvP topics always tend to raise some tention but I think as crazy as us PvPrs are we can keep things pretty tame when we need to :wink:

That being said this is a great point, to touch on the subject of infinite rewards (please don’t bite my head off) I think what the OP meant was a continuous way to advance through PvP and not infinite in the sense that it would be a speedy and insanely profitably way of advancing.

Perhaps the OP can confirm on this matter. I do love the idea though and being done all the PVE content I would love there to be some content like this which I enjoy and can feel like I’m still progressing my character.

I think much of this Funcom is taking into consideration though, so fingers crossed we will see PvP atleast get a little love in the later half of 2018. This is purely a guess of course but one can dream right!

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@Drenneth I would like to thank you for your kind words about my post.

Indeed that’s what i was talking about, just another equally sufficient way to advance a character at the same pace as if playing in any other part of the game; such as the dungeons and raids. And even they need some upgrades to their rewards as well.

p.s: What i meant by the “infinite” part is that: Every time a mission, any mission, Pve or PvP wise is done, or participated in; the player is rewarded an amount of MoF. Thus, the income of things not being locked behind cooldowns problem is solved. And let’s not forget ap-sp s as well.

p.p.s: I hate cooldowns :rofl:

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Can I just interject that MoF is on a Cooldown for a reason, so while earning MoF with PvP is fine and dandy… putting it off a cooldown is… not.
Unless you want to tank the Exchange Economy.


@P-girl Perhaps the amounts earned can be set on a very low, but stable and repeatable number; such as in double digit (10 MoF), instead of 100 or 1000.

No offense to anyone who accepts the current economy as a stable one, but any sort of cooldowns are a negative in my eye. Let the income be minimum, but not be locked down with unnecessary timesinks.

I’m still skeptical. Never underestimate the grinders. If you think the current state of the economy is bad; this isn’t going to help.

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It’s true that it is not infinated as it is capped by time.

However, if such system is up.
Some people come to enjoy PvP while some others will just come to make quick MoF.
Image 2 serious player meets 2 groups of bots or grinders who just want matches to be finished as fast as possible to get MoF. Will real players still enjoy the game?

The very PVP contents itself then just become the cooldown of people’s MoF grinding.

Not to mention it leaves people who don’t do PvP feel left out. Cries of ‘Why can’t we have a way to grind MoF?’ will probably be very loud.
Such a thing will split the community.

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