I miss FUSANG from TSW

Well… I can finally get into NM dungeons lol!

I see you too, @Meta-Moth!

it’s getting to be quite active
Noobs and pros can sign up to PVP in classic TSW here
All zones, all battlefields ED - SH - FuSang - the more the merrier :smiley:

Refresher runs are available if you need to dust off the cobwebs and lube up the rusty custys :smiley:


I’m going to sign up, but I need more NM dungeons too.

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i’m in and out at the minute, multi-tasking trying to set up for an event - i’ll be back soon.

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Add me in game:
I can help u with NM scen and Dungeon

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I’m not sure it’s going to work for more than a short while Ceruleana, when i popped in it was empty & getting enough people interested might be a problem & it would seem that the old stench of exploiters & cheaters that are still lingering there hasn’t evaporated.
So if NM raid gear is your goal also you’ll be hard pushed not to have to align yourself with the exploiters who are currently the only ones i believe who still do the raids.
I just dont see the prospect of getting a stable 10 man raid who can’t be tempted to cheat in order to get what they want, i say this because of previous personal experience & in my experience gamer integrity means little to those who are either too weak to speak out against it or who are easily corrupted.

As long as they don’t involve me or take anything from me, I don’t care what others are doing if I can get my dungeons and raids completed.

I wouldn’t even know if people are cheating right in front of me anyway…so no bother to me.

I haven’t heard of anything like this happening and I’m dismayed that it’s going on. I got my aegis up to 2.0 by hard grind. It took a long time but I’m proud I did it that way. I could never resort to cheating in this game.

Edit: And by this game I mean TSW, obviously.

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Yeah the only way I have been upgrading it is by Tokyo missions. I think I’m at like 1.5ish. Also, I was able to upgrade my auxiliary weapon from green to blue with a purple kit I got from the dungeon yesterday. That’s why I want to do more. I didn’t even know how to upgrade it when I played back in 2017. That got me excited to do more dungeons. Plus the other purple weapons that I can now play with.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

I left that place but I believe the ban. I’ve seen how they talk to people.

What? I don’t even play TSW? Last time I logged into TSW was when I sent PAX to Trich. Are you sure it was actually me?

I’m not sure if you’re asking me you play TSW or not… But you’ll have to ask Meta about all that.

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Yeah idk, I have not been playing TSW since ages. I think last time I did NM raid was January 2018. Did Eido and Flapster few times and thats it, for nostalgia reasons. After that I have been logging in to mail PAX, items etc to friend of mines who has been in need of those. So yeah, if someone likes to call me out on “omg exploiteeeeeeeer” in a game that I do not even play then sure be my guest. I still recommend people double checking on facts before starting to post that kind of BS.

And yeah, I did call out to perma ban Meta, since (s)he only manages to cause drama :>

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Exuse me? I was talking with Adker about time which was in 2015. When I joined Lag Spike. And my butt was hard carried. To give context that you like to take away, we were generally talking about how it is not ideal to take more than max 2 new persons to NY NM due to its nature of mechanics. So yeah, you might wanna read the whole convo first, or should I post it?

But all in all; people can think what they want. And people can spread BS they want. Do I really care? No, not really. I just find it sad that some random people, who I do not even know has to start spreading crap of me around forums and even try to make me look that I did something by taking screencaps of another Discord server, and leaving basically everything out of context :>

If you are truly so interested of my business, please DM me in Discord and I can tell you my whole life story!

Well, to be honest, it seems you two know each other because you said drama seems to follow them wherever they go or some such. Besides that most people don’t know each other in games but know character names due to things that happen in game.