About three years a go, in different place

…it took all this to get one certain Golem pet.
Good times :slight_smile:
I had really nostalgic feeling while I uploaded this, all those nicks and legends behind them.


Good times


Wait a minute, are you telling me the Fusang golem fight wasn’t just a slideshow presentation that we all had to watch before the real fight broke out? Because I remember that differently.

It’s pretty sad to look back and remember how much more fun that Anniversary event was. I started that event as a solo player thinking, “What’s up with this giant boss thing in Kingsmouth with millions of HP?” I ended it as a member of a cabal with a bunch of friends and a feeling of belonging to the community. It will always have that nostalgia feeling for me as well. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a lot of fun during the MEGAversary here, but it’s just not the same.


It’s a bit of a mixed bag for me.

I remember the amusement of the anniversity [sic], and it was great with the fact that people were doing call outs for when the guardians were up.
I also remember the number of frustrated people who had their zones freeze up from the number of people in them, and how trying to do something other than guardians was a serious struggle. It was a great time to recruit for cabals, and lots of people got huge amounts of black bullion. I also remember how it burned out a lot of people, and others left after the event ended because suddenly there was way less for them to do (or so they believed).
I remember the trolls dragging bosses out of the blue circle so that they reset. The PVPers moaning about PVEers daring to go into Fusang and not PVPing properly. I remember people not being able to go and do the Patchwork Horror because they hadn’t opened Kaidan yet, and others suggesting to just rush the story to get it unlocked. I remember all the people AFKing after hitting the boss once, until that got changed to the participation system which also had its down-side.

I was hoping that this year’s anniversary would bring something new that got a bit more going with the community, and something that would give the #event channel a bit more purpose. I honestly don’t know which format I prefer - TSW or SWL. TSW was fun, but had more downsides too.


I’ve been playing MMORPG’s from 1998, and can tell that every game has whiners, trolls, polices, pompous role-players etc. Players who are frustrated about how stuff does not work when problem is self made by poor hard- and/or software optimimization. And TSW had them more, because there were more players, more activities, more everything compared to SWL.

And what SWL lacks completely, is all the PvP fun, drama, trashtalk, idiots, funny goofs, feeling of unity and feeling great after hard El D… all vivid stuff with all sort of peoples. I take it every time rather than simplicity around popping lootboxes and grinding without goal.

I miss TSW PvP community. They were all great and served their purpose… being asshats or super-cool kids.


I think it’s often a question of whether or not you bond with the community which determines how long you stick with a title.

It’s been one of the strengths of the SW ip that the community is predominantly positive and helpful (not always the case in MMOs). I know plenty of people who are still playing SWL because of the people who they play with, not the game they’re playing.

The changes to PVP in SWL meant that the PVP community was no longer able to do much together. Build discussions, battleground tactics and faction based rivalries were all basically gone. In 21+ years of MMOs myself, I think that TSW’s PVP community is the one I’ve connected to the least, but I can appreciate that’s not the case for everyone.
I think that “popping lootboxes and grinding without goal” actually sounds a fair bit like TSW’s PVP :wink: but it was the community which changes the perception of the value of the activity.

It’s often the same when you leave a long term cabal, clan, corp, guild etc. Often it’s the group which makes the game, and it’s just not the same without them.

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ohhhhhhh Sawo, Merci pour ce souvenir merveilleux…
Nostalgie et Joie que ça m’apporte…
Tristesse et Rires tous ces bons souvenirs…

Ohhhhhhh Sawo, Thank you for this wonderful memory …
Nostalgia and Joy that brings me …
Sadness and laughs all those good memories …
Thank you!


Hehe… there were only two problems in TSW PvP… warm beer or cold coffee :smiley:


[sees name in raid UI]

Ah Fusang, how I miss thee…


Measuring framerate in seconds per frame as opposed to frames per second, I don’t call it good times. :smiley:


I had that in PVP regardless, the lunar golem gave me minutes per frame. Lucky for people who had a fast enough cpu to make pvp in fields larger than 10 fun.

Take no offense but you have always had an exceptional amount of performance issues ( I know your not the only one). I play on a laptop with a mid level graphics card and was still able to get 15-20 FPS on fights like that. Not as smooth as the video in this thread but I sometimes wonder what people are running to get such performance issues.

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I made a good guide how to tweak your computer to run TSW pretty good, but FPS were not the issue in big battles, latency was. As it show in video, there is like 3 seconds lag there :smiley:

In the old days, yes, but I was in the majority.

I don’t have performance issues now so much (there are hotspots for it). Today my problem is stability.

Wish it was easier to pinpoint the issues. I know for me I have nothing special for a system but don’t notice the CF crashes and Flicker Bug/ Crashes that happen for many in Occult Defense. The only thing I can think of is that I run the game on minimal settings with only a couple of the sliders set at 3.8

I don’t get the flicker bug except in incredibly rare instances in Shadowy Forest. Usually it happened during event bosses back in TSW, but nowadays I don’t really get it. I think I had it happen once in SWL.

I used to get a LOT of CF crashes, but then I reduced the number of addons I used and my CF crashes almost vanished. In recent weeks, the crashes have crept back up and are fairly significant now. I had three or four crashes in the last day from CF. I haven’t changed anything or installed any new addons. I’m already running DX9.

But yes, the seemingly randomness of who is and who is not affected by certain crashes or bugs is infuriating.

Tell a lie i did have a wave of crashes many months back but it was related to the advanced weapon ui mod + chaos

That’s incredibly specific. And odd.

I have crashed myself in a solo instance before running Hammer and Ele, so it isn’t Chaos specific, but I do have advanced weapon ui installed.

And if you remember the detailed post I made on the subject, I went six whole weeks without any addons installed. Let me tell you, tanking without EffectsUI makes things so unenjoyable that I’d rather quit the game than be without EffectsUI. Dead serious.

Anyways, in those six weeks I had exactly zero crashes that I could attribute to CF. I probably only had a dozen crashes in total. So two a week. Still above what should be acceptable, but for this game? Perfectly acceptable. Anyhow, I then reinstalled a minimum set of addons and the CF crashes came back, but perhaps once every 10 dungeons or so with a CF user in the group. Again, with this game that’s acceptable. I tried narrowing things down to specific addons, but wasn’t able to find anything conclusive other than more addons = more crashes.

I use EffectsUILegends, Infarmer, and TradepostUtil and have never had CF crash me. But my EffectsUI is a pretty minimal set (tank buffs, replacement hammer gimmick, pod/mfa6/bountyhunters, hf6 shield timer)

I also get no crashes which appear to be caused by anything in game. I also have all settings turned down to 0 apart from view distance which is at full and still doesn’t render the playfield fully until i’ve settled in a bit to the area, usually up to 5 seconds while all the black bits and bobs start resuming their colours again and one that allows me to see boss AOE’s (might be particle something i dunno)

omg, i joined TSW when there was no golem in fusang, so this is a good thing to see for me and in such good recording! Great seeing Verritas there and a few other names i recognise and then i was on the edge of my seat the most with a welling of anticipation when the golem was about to die COZ I WANTED TO SEE ABSOLUTE CARNAGE
Then i lolled like a mad man…

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