Fell in love once again

I don’t expect anyone to remember me. I never was a heavy poster on the forum, most of the time cabal-free (did however join a wonderful cabal named BSI, Blue Sun Initiative, ”the last year” of TSW) and lived inside Fusang for a long time. I was in the beta of SWL, played up to Scorced Desert when it launched but left for a year and didn’t think about the game anymore.

And then, suddently, out of nowhere. TSW just popped up in my head like a bee that had been woken up after a long hiatus. Like an itch from a once filth infected wound which I had to scratch. I just need to experience the story once again!

So I picked up where I left off, at the entrance to Scorced Desert and it took me only a few of minutes to fall in love once again, the story is unbelievable good! And here I am, just finished Egypt and on my way to Geary (I enjoyed how they wrapped Issue 6 into the main story).

I checked the forum and noticed names which wrote the posts I read daily on the old forum and I want to thank you all, for being so passionate with the game that you are still here. And I’m really happy to see new players trying it out and I hope they in turn will bring their friends!

Sorry, this I getting long. However, this isn’t just a wall of text to say hi and I try not to reminisce good old TSW. I have a few question.

Is the forum more active than the subreddit? I find it hard to get a good overview of the posts there.
Is it possible to access the old forum? There are theories I would love to read again, especially The Call of the Nameless. I remember Tilty saying no-one fully unveiled all the hidden things in that arc.

Nice to meet you all!

/Zippzer (why did I even chose that nick back then?)


the old forum is still there whether the reddit or this forum is more lively is up for debate, but since there isn’t much visible communication from Funcom, there isn’t a lot to discuss anyway.

Thank you! Now I feel stupid, it wasn’t one of the top results when searching for TSW forums and I overlooked it, my bad. Ouch, lack of communication is still a problem. Atleast there’s some new content I haven’t played yet.

It trickles in. If you take breaks it ends up being kinda nice but if you play steady you mostly will do so for the community rather then the content.

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Drenneth, the literally unkillable templar tank! You knew the game was lost when you, CryForMe (I hope I remember the nick correctly) and rest of the pro PvPers joined El Dorado. Nice to see you!
Edit: When I think about it, I want to remember Svella as a templar DPS also.

Speaking of community, I’m curious to see how it is now when it has been free-to-play and on steam for a while. TSW had the most mature and friendly community I have ever seen.

The discord is the most active

@cryformesky they made an appearance a few months ago on these forums. But it seems a lot of the old PvP folks have faded away by now. What was your character name in TSW if you dont mind me asking.

Thanks @xXRageXx, I will check the discord.

I guess Shambala on it’s own can’t satisfy the whole pvp community. It was Zippzer, a lumi. Played mostly as a Tank/Dps mix in Fusang (not sure if we were on the same server for fusang), switched between full Tank and DPS in El Dorado, rode the AR meta at the end ofc.
I don’t expect you to remember me, I wasn’t very talkative, not super good at pvp, but I loved it.

Death Cryfor-mesky Blooms

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My pokemon! <3

I check this forum and the TSW forum once in a while, out of nostalgia, I guess. I did give SWL a try, and I think I got to Egypt, but don’t think I made it past SD. I really disliked what Funcom did to the game, so I uninstalled it then, and never had an inkling to come back. I do play TSW here and there…

Would this thread be of any help? :slight_smile:

Hi @cryformesky, nice to finally meet you!
@Tipsu, also a very recognizable name, hi!

@xkeban, I can’t say I’m very fond of the new core mechanics. However a few things here and there I see as improvements over the original. I just hope it was worth it but without actual numbers we will never know.

TheLOLxd2 thanks for the link! That was a very good summary.

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I dug around a little and found a screenshot from 2017-02-24 23:59 (GMT +1).
Sadly one of the few PvP related I found, except for some random ones taken from Fusang.
Clearly Templar won, bummer I didn’t take screens of all the teams. Mostly likely I was proud of dmg done or something like that…

I am more in the “I hate the mechanics” camp, and see nothing but downgrades :slight_smile: Removing the wheel, adding gimmicks to abilities, Agartha Mall, pretending game is a shooter and forcing cross hairs, content removal, longer grinds, no PvP…

My original thought was to get my character through the main story in SWL and wait for new content, because I liked the story, but I just couldn’t make it, and even though a new issue came out, I feel no desire to play the game to get to it.

Most of the actual upgrades are things it’s hard to believe TSW couldn’t do, like giving men beards, letting subs buy/sell on the AH from anywhere for free, and finishing the South Africa interlude.

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You can buy-sell from anywhere in TSW with the trans-dimensional bank.
The only reason why South Africa is not in TSW is because Funcom doesn’t want to put it there.
Beards? Meh… but I am sure they could be added to TSW.

Hate is such a strong word and I try not to be too negative about the relaunch. I’m trying to play it as a totally new player. :slight_smile: But I agree, I prefer the old mechanics so much more than the current ones, no doubt about that. Here’s a small list of things I come to think about at the moment, pros and cons.
What I dislike about SWL:

  • The new abilities and passives (the wheel was way better, though harder to grasp for a newcomer and so many unused abilities/passives)

  • Missing content (not entirely sure what’s missing except for Dr. Aldini’s quests and MF1 & MF2 since my memory isn’t all too well and I just reached SF)

  • Only random elities? (Not entirely sure that’s the case, haven’t tried group content yet but it looks like that)

  • No Fusang or PvP even though I don’t have the time to play as much as before. (However, it’s understandable to skip faction-based PvP at this time because of low popularity imo.)

  • Random suffixes on weapons and no way to change

  • No Auxs?

And what I actually like about it:

  • Anima Allocation (though it takes a lot longer to lvl up specific gear sets for multiple roles)

  • AH not restricted to London or the portabel bank

  • Agartha is more like a hub (but I kinda miss the “secret” ways to get to locations when you first entered Agarha and asked the cust for directions)

  • New content

  • Story mode in dungeons (always felt a bit stressed and couldn’t take my time exploring)

That’s about it, what I came to think about at this moment, possibly forgot much more.
And hi @Onevia! Fellow lumi, great healer, nice to see you!

Not a lumi or a healer but hello :slight_smile:

I’m sorry! Your nick reminded me of someone. :slight_smile: