10th Anniversary - Make or Break time devs

This year will mark the 10th anniversary of TSW, and the 5th of SWL. While some players are content enough to play the existing state of the game indefinitely, this milestone for many is going to be an indicator of whether we can ever expect anything new again. Because, if not on the 10th anniversary, when else would it happen?

I know you’re constrained by resources from Funcom, and that if you haven’t already built anything, it’s probably too late now. But I, like many long-time players, am quietly hoping you’ve got a surprise in stall for us. Please don’t let us down.


I’d be happy if we got unabridged Elite dungeon rotation, but some people would probably complain that there isn’t more.

That said, assuming that anything is worked on at this point is high-grade copium. Would be glad to be proven wrong. Let’s see.

Yes, your threats are certainly going to make Funcom actually do something. That’s cute.

I don’t see any threats here lol, but I think it’s best not to hope for anything. I know a lot of people are this year, though.