10th Anniversary - What can we expect?

Hi all together.

What do you think? Will there be something special for 10th Anniversary? Charslot for all? Any special events? Any other gifts?


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Good question. 10th anniversary is about 4 days before saga shutdown. It’d be cool to have a special server-end event.

Well wouldn’t it be fun to celebrate outside Conan’s Castle and on the bridge to Noble District? :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


If they would add a TP there… :wink:

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I would hope for a bug fixing patch, cheat eliminating programs, social stuff on the anniversary date, and announcement of the pvp saga server- combined with the bug and cheat fix patch, would roll over to fury when done to really bring the game back to life.

If the attention that is needed in pvp was given to this game, it would explode with old and new players, with revenue out the roof. A new full expansion for pvp and pve, as there is soooo much more in hyboria, and this would leave most other games in the dust.

The timing for the end of the Saga server and the 10th Anniversary is appropriate as so many players will be active. I hope we get something unique or an event for the 10th Anniversary instead of just a gift similar to what has been given out in the past.

10 th aniversary - Special gift? I would like to have free new 80 lvl char creation.

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I’m sure we’ll get xp/aa boosts, things veterans have absolutely no use for.

I imagine it will be “Your gift is having your saga toon moved to Crom”

and then a reskinned bear mount or something.

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if I remember well it started on 17th may 2008 as early access and on 20th may officially
Would be awesome a t1 equip for just 1 character for everybody, its not a lack of respect for those who did saga because this would be their 2nd. or giving a new questline for 1 char of the account that brings to t2 cmon give us something beautiful! :smile:

I think a full month of memory leaks and game crashes would be a good way to commemorate a 10th anniversary :smile:

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How about they give us the option to use vanity weapons? Not just hide our weapons. You should only be allowed to use the weapon type of your class but some of the best weapons look horrible.

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Vanity weapons please, also atlantean shards in 6 mans.


That would surely be a trip down memory lane!


That’s for US servers. EU early access started on May 17th and release was on May 23th.

this is a beautiful dream and it makes me sad to break it.
This thing has been requested and proposed for years and there has already been an official response.
They cannot and are not able to do it!

That is sad and yeah I’m aware it’s been asked and I believe them when they say that they aren’t doing it. But I don’t believe they can’t.

I really don’t understand why it would be so difficult to do vanity weapons, provided you limit it to same weapon type. All sword animations should be the same, whether I’m using a T6 sword, or some sword I picked up in Tortage. Why Funcom can do vanity armor and not weapons just doesn’t make sense.

But they give me the option to hide my sword so I can punch using sword animations so it’s all good.

It was said a long time ago, but it seems it needs repeating.

Different weapons have different animations. It’s true even if you use weapons of the same type: Deepwound doesn’t have the same animation as Tigerswipe, Massacre or the Axe of the Red Tide. And they’re all one-handed edged.

That’s why they can’t do vanity weapons. That, and the fact that most of the coders that knew the Dreamworld engine are gone.