A new decade: What can we expect?

Here’s hoping the new year and decade brings good things to all! And to the good folks at Funcom, can we hope for some good things for this epic game?

A few suggestions :grinning:

  1. The content that was announced and then put on hold.
  2. A new Saga event.
  3. Balanced PvP mini games that are also free of afkers, exploits and other such shennigans such as pre-determined outcomes.
  4. Item shop limited time discounts.
  5. Subs by using Funcom points in the item shop.
  6. Some marketing strategies to bring in players.
  7. It is always nice to see GMs in game, to talk with players (realizing I am sure they are flooded with pms on things they have no control over)

And many other suggestions found in these pages.
We hope for some good things :beers:

  1. Long overdue Loyalty rewards or bring back veteran tokens (with added items).