3 Things for the Anniversary

What are your top three wishes for the Anniversary? Here are mine…

  1. Sub using Funcom points.
  2. New content, even a small solo dungeon. New area would be nice too.
  3. PvP brackets so new pvpers don’t face 10s in minis.

Please refrain from negative comments, like “never happen, dead game, No GMs”. Let’s dream :wink:

A working support feature.

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Man,are you ok?
“PvP brackets” there is barely 2 minis running on crom at the same time, PvP brackets would mean 1 for PvP 10s and nothing for others :smiley:

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That’s one reason I think brackets is because no one does minis that’s not PvP 8 or above. Maybe, and I am not saying it will happen, but maybe people would do more, if they knew they wouldn’t be focused and stomped by the high levels. Maybe it’s too late, but is a thought

On the 11th anniversary, Funcom give to me:

3-friend group size minis
2 removed raidfinder rings
And a fixed flag bug in HV!!!

  1. Addition of Atlantean shards to more content such as every raid instance and every level 80 6man instance. Enable exchange of at least one type of PvP token for Atlantean shards (so PvP players can earn them by doing content they enjoy doing)
  2. Restore full customer support. Hire more people for customer support so ingame petitions & support emails are answered within 24-48 hours and not 24-48 days
  3. Put back the 3 month and 6 month subscription offers, enable subscription via Funcom points AND via Steam … more options for subscriptions are better than less. Edit: if not possible currently then also enable purchase of Funcom points via Steam
  • An infinite dunegon challenge with unique rewards and leaderboards
  • bring back rewards of the past like drinking cape or boots, runes inaccessable to newer players atm
  • account based ignore
  1. a Bear Mount
  2. a Free ̶s̶l̶u̶t̶ slot
  3. a special account wide badge for those who made/make an 80 unconquered

There are already bear mounts in the gsme.

i want…

  1. T7 raid ( just when its only a new version of an older raid like T3 ((i like these bosses)) including a higher craft tier :stuck_out_tongue: )
  2. Giving old dungoens an unchained version
  3. Creating a new endcontent area for new dungeons (and raid)

What i expect…

  1. double AA Event
  2. maybe price reduced funcom points
  3. not a third option, would be a miracle (like new loyality rewards added or a new daily reward event like the mammoth was)
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Btw there is a poll on age of conan facebook page, about what u prefer pvp or pve

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So basically polling for another saga

Thing is it may be that most new/casual pvpers are put off minis because they are put in games with the pvp10s.The idea is if you had say level 0-4 and 5-10 as two separate pools then maybe a lot more noobs would play them.

As it stands now the combination of AAs, gear and player skill makes minis to painful for all but the most diehard or a ■■■■■■■■■.

I do realise that for a lot of veteran players the fun is in farming the new players but is this not just a symptom of the way minis are at the moment? The bullied become the bullies.

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Separating minis will be the death of the minigames. The difference from PvP T1 gear to T3 is not the problem, but the AAs-runes-RF rings and experience. And with ease any veteran can have them at pvp lvl 4.

Its a chicken egg problem IMO. If match setup would be “Reputation” driven, a
Sucessful concept from other games a lot more(!!!) ppl would enjoy pvp. Few enjoy it now because for a new ppl it feels like directly thrown into a t6 as their first raid experience with complaining veterans around. So while pve allows you to grow with the challenge step by step, pvp is like learning to swim in a tank of angry sharks. On the other hand the best pvp exp is with guys about your skill level or slightly above you to keep it challenging but not frustrating.
So if the match setup would consider player performance it would be good both for veterans and newbies.

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man, conqs pvp 4 with t5 blunt and full aa will rape those minis,so it will make it even worse

u should setup it with another parametr,not the pvp lvl, make some new Statline f.e rating and use it.
So people who is winning a lot will play against the same,but againt AoC PvP community is too small for that

Yeah, I guess a split based on pvp level alone wouldn’t work.

A lot of online games use a version of the Elo rating system from competitive chess. This works well but it needs a game with active moderation or it will just be abused.

Monthly server rp pvp events

Bring back veteran tokens so we can buy paths with new accounts
New raids
Announce anniversary plans
Quillin mount

we have a bear mount