Level 79 bracket

Any chance you could extend the time on this bracket by 2-3 weeks even so we can see culture gear be viable again. Hell if you made the recipes buyable on funcom store I’d pay for them. It’s nice seeing crafting be viable for the first time in like 8 years


I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH. I also love that gear all over hyboria can see use.

we had 80 pvp and with AAs already for years. time to let lvl 79 minis roar!!! it’ll be like a mini vanilla AoC.

how much minis have u already played?) i almost don`t see you ingame tbh

this is a horrible idea, i personally would just stop play for that period, ppl want to do sieges and wear their shiny pvp armors. also you dont get any rewards for pre 80 minigames.
if you guys want vanilla aoc, wait for next saga, maybe they do something like that. but dont ruin a great server with your pve-fest…

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I agree with the OP, If you want level 80 normal pvp, then go to crom or fury, this a a cool server that gives the players a diffrent experience then the real realms, keep it that way as long as possible.

And no, theres no way theres gonna be sieges on saga with the current mat-requirements.

One should merge this with posts from other topic.
And simply no!
Btw if you WOULD pvp you would know that you cant pvp on crom during this saga up to now. Its not gonne happen or so infrequent its not worth waiting.
Again ppl are reported to use level 80 feat (see other topics). Since FC can not or does not care fixing it, whats the best way? We all 80 and no one cares. But in an extended 79 period this gets even more prominent.

same question for you as i had for Lurvi,how much do u play on this saga?) I havent seen you since 18 bracket,so ppl dont play it and want others to stay on lowbie as much as possible…
If we had pvp sets for lvl 79 then probably its good idea,but now itll become PvE grinding


It’s a pvp server, if you’re spending all your time farming for craftable armors then you’re doing it wrong.


For me, I dont care about the PVE grind, Im mostly enjoying the fact that theres no AAs, I think PVP was a much more balanced thing before level 80 and everything that comes with it.

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how are you enjoing it if u stop playing on lvl 18 :smiley:

You seeing one of my characters at level 18 last time doesnt mean im not playing on saga, but thanks for letting ppl know their opinions arent valid! :slight_smile:

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if you still playing then im sorry, I didnt say ur opinion isnt valid just because i dont like it,but making suggestion for server you dont play on is a bit weird - thats my point

I agree with Bloodvax 100% lets stay at 79 for a few weeks and put the recipes for sale on the Funcom store.

We’ll still need to farm for the materials for the gear and the cities to get our city buildings high enough rank. So we will have to do some PVE just not farm indefinitely for something that may or may not drop.

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See the thing is that this is and was intended to be a game that required a high level of skill to be competitve in. The reason that alot of us like mini games and world pvp better at lowbie level than at 80 is that it is harder to make up for one’s lack of skill with cheese RF rings AA’s and the like. Its a very Euro playstyle to make up for lack of skill with these cheese mode buffs. Its the same reason you dont see alot of the “top” pvp guilds in minis. (you know who you are) I just want some extra time with a level playing field before we hit 80 and everyone in the euro guilds has t5 weapons from the lewt boxes, full aa’s and other OP gimmicky things that they will roflstomp with. We already have 2 broken servers where the mini games are constantly one sided and un fun Why do we need a third?

One of the reasons why people disliked Saga so much at 18 is because, let’s be real, classes were not developed and quite stale to play.

Now however, classes are developing, and so is the server and how everyone are playing it.

The more I play this server the more I realise how fresh it is because you get to discover nuances of your class that are effective at that bracket, but not later on (such as the known 80 “meta”)

So don’t kill this aspect! just as we’re getting more and more into uncharted territory (for most who didn’t experience much lowbie PvP, especially not 69 and 79 minis!)

Therefore extend 79! heck, you could extend 69 very well aswell.

Feels like now that we have more and more feat points available so people can experiment with specs. It feels like 1 week is not enough for those last two. also good point about being able to finish guild citites + get some rare recipie drops for those who like recipie hunting.

anyone wanting to get to 80 asap aren’t appreciating this server for what it’s about just let them AFK for couple weeks if they wanna cry about it.



EXACTLY. Its nice being able to use different builds and specs and getting to use feats and spells that you could never use at 80 because everyone has almost the same build and gear across the board. It feels stale and it gets old

Lest postpone 80 for 2 months!!

I know you’re being sarcastic but I’d honestly love that. Most people aren’t keeping these things anyway so what’s the rush. Enjoy the fun open world before you ding 80 and never leave the hub city again

I’m not being sarcastic at all bro in fact I think level 80 should be locked out of saga completely. it’d be a good lesson to the store bought pvpers when they can’t use their gear… how great would that be? :wink:

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I should have never revealed how much I spent on boxes to you

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