Worth it to play now?


Hello guys,

So I’ve been following all the drama around the P2W ever since this server launched and that kept me from actually playing on it myself. Now it seems they did not add a new gear set for the new bracket.

So would you guys say it is worth jumping into this server now and start? Or should I just not bother at all ?


Give it a go, that`s the only way to find out! You never know, you may have some fun…if not, just delete char.


We don’t know what levels will have item shop packs available. This week does not, next week might, no one knows. So all you can do is roll and see what happens.

Best case it will be fine until cap reaches 80, but I can’t see any point whatsoever in playing on the server at lvl 80, though (aside from just completing the quest).


You know they are gonna want to sell you the $75 tier 2 pvp gear packs.


If you are a Crom player, you should have a look. It’s fun to see how the game is different with PvP open world, and if you don’t like it just go back to crom :slight_smile:


depends if people stop ruining the server with minigame spam