Moving to next cap

Any chance we move to next cap earlier than 1 week? cause after 1 day most ppl are bored of this 18 pvp

yeah it is known that 18 pvp isn’t the most exciting, but I guess they want to let the guys who were busy the first couple of days get a chance to level up aswell.

so for now just try and make the most of it. you can do festivals now and farm 5k skulls in fields of slaugther. team up and get fights going. don’t just spam minis please.

we could do some 18 premades aswell. might be fun! the next days are gonna be crucial for how people percieve the server, so I suggest everyone do their best to make this server a fun place despite the p2w.
on later levels, people can farm sanctum gear and main system gear. might not have to buy the bundles then?

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Do some pve dungeon stuff to get gear for pvp, that sound’s cool! I can’t wait for it, oh wait… no, actually when I hear that I’d rather spent some euro to buy it from cash shop!

Funcom should give gear as reward for doing pvp on this server. Something like… win 20 HV matches or kill 50 other players or win 3 team arena matches and u get better pvp gear.

And funcom should give players free claim lower tiered pvp armor and weapons so everyone starts with equal chances, so it is really about pvp. Not going into dungeons, farm ur stuff there and then do pvp. Get ur stuff with doing pvp.

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farming skulls is all i`m doing atm xD

Hope Funcom keep to the plan. I havnt gotten higher then lvl 12😊

Why would you want to do pve on the PVP dedicated saga server? Each level cap only lasts a week. do you really want to end up on the bottom of the leaderboard because you were busy doing 6 mans that you could be doing on crom instead? come to saga for pvp but leave your pve at crom.

Wtf? Did you only read the first few words of my comment and click reply or didn’t understand what I tried to say, if so sorry, english is not my first language. Probably read my comment again and u find out I agree with you.

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I can honestly say I’d rather 2 weeks of lvl 39 (or 40) than a week of lvl 30…


Still any level better than 5-19 minis, with certain few classes dominating without any sort of counter play

My bad bro

That’s how lowbie pvp is man. You knew this going in

I also think that mini games at level 18 are very boring and they deter many players from playing. Funcom should increase lvl cap to level 30 tomorrow, and level 39 on Thursday.

I also think that it is not a problem to do three or even four times the sanctuary to get the equipment even for a PVP player. It doesn’t take much time.

A week is fine, allows other people that have jobs and lack neckbeards to enjoy the content too. If you are bored do all the quests and achivements too.

I dont play a necro, barb or hox… yet it is still fun to pvp.

At later tiers those classes doesnt shine the brigthest anymore

Be careful, as pve XP are lost when you are in the level cap. You may need them after to gain one or two level.

You get pve xp from pvp kills. Do all quests then farm other players doing the queests at next raise. xD

Tbh, Necro barb and hox never lose their shining

Necro and hox being one of strongest classes in game alongside with pom and conq, barb being insanely good also. So that statement is quite false :stuck_out_tongue:

I love that there is so much variety in what ppl think is the best class. Seems funcom did a good job balancing the classes

well definitely ur necro was damn strong on last saga :laughing:

It was to the point where even people I considered as friends started throw insults at me from playing the class. or made them waste money on insurances. The class is completely ridiculous at any level, just only a few actually play it properly.

Since the festival is a thing over the weekend it’d be a happy medium to change the level cap on Monday when it’s over? This 18 stuff is pretty played out already.

Not everyone has the ability to play 24/7 , just wait the week out or go play on crom til the cap raises.