Pve gear grind pointless

As someone mentioned in a previous thread the level cap schedule seems to be way off. The cap increase on Thursday means you need to grind out all your gear that same day in order to pvp during the event on the weekend which is really the only time the server is active. The you’ve spent all that time pve grinding for gear to get maybe 3 days of pvp time in before the cap increase and you have to repeat the process all over again the next week. Really defeating tbh. Im hoping you might increase the next 2 level bracket times to 2 weeks so people can at least enjoy the gear they had to grind since this is the way it works now. Hopefully something can be changed. The dev’s implemented a few changes from the forums so I’ll still remain semi hopeful

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dont worry, its pretty much confirmed 50 will br another p2w wave so the population will be culled again.

it is fun waiting for sanctum to reset while using the same mob reset spots that pugs ued in 2008 that still arent fixed 10 years later though, that definitely had me loving this game even more.

And how is this “pretty much confiremed” may i ask?

How about giving away a full set at each bracket? So people could really focus on PvP instead of PvE Gear to zerg everyone else.

A scaling set would do the trick too.

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it is not possible to satisfy everyone. At the beginning there was the starter pack and there was a total sh!tst0rm on the forum and in the game about the p2w. It was so big the sh!tst0rm that the funcom removed the next gear, now people are farming sanctum to get the gear and there are still people who QQ and ask for gear shop so they can all be focus in PvP, a bit of consistency.
Resist the 80 without crying and we all take the PvP T1/2 mixed set for free and we are all the same!

Noone wants a P2W Shop set.

Make it part of the quest, you finish 10 Minis or stuff like that und get 1 blue set that scales till 75.
As part of the Sage Quest get PvP1 @ 80. and its fine.

No P2W. Just PvP, like the server should have been.


Totally agree with you about this, it would also be enough if they complete the low level set that is in the armory, I do not understand why it sells only belt and boots and only until level 50!

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good post. for me the pace is OK but I like the PvE and PvP hybrid game that AoC always was.

personally love this Saga cause I get to rediscover the game. Items I’ve never used before. Making use of questitems I normally wouldn’t bother equipping, and also having a tradepost with gear that’s actually worth something statwise.

a week extension here and there wouldn’t hurt in all honesty. maybe in the main system bracket?

I like it. Do a sanctum run, then join a mini. After the mini do another sanctum run and after that, maybe with better gear, join mini again. The cap increase should be on a monday though.

I hope that there will be a level 79 cap before it goes to 80.

I also love the full server that includes PvE and PvP, the point touched by @Bloodvax depends on the tight time we are subjected to, a week to do 10 levels and find the gear (to date I have not had find my boots despite having done countless Sanctum) and soon this gear will be useless because we will have to climb another 10 levels.
I obviously think this is only a problem of this transitory phase in a timed server, arrived at level 80 at that point there will be no need for gear races, it will be the PvP to dress us

leveing up 10 levels takes like 1 hour if you’re online the 1st day of the new cap. crazy exp from PvP.

sucks about the boots, but theres also some stuff on trader with decent stats aswell.

didn’t mean to take away OPs valid point. Im all for some extensions like hes asking for.

Pretty sure the PvP10 guys wouldn’t mind a p2w set.