No itemshop bundle @30 has been great

ty funcom for not doing itemshop bundle this bracket

has been fun seeing ppl do quests and farming maze/bc for some gear to PvP with. Some might not agree, but I like that it makes ppl play the game and explore the game more. I never knew “the maze” was an open instance like Onyx!

bit sad there is no epic instances though, but it makes some of the open world blue gear more rare!


How fun would it have been to run Tortage with rags and a boat oar? Still it was ok and sometimes fun. But even without the 30 bundle I see people at PvP 8 and 10 as I expected the balance would become worse as the server continues. Not QQ, I know many people have more time and money than me, so rock on. It just the way of things :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

the people with high pvp level farm events with alts

dont see how PvP 10 makes any difference now, but it’s gonna suck at 80 for sure when they have t3 weapons.

but for now its about the lowbie experience, maybe if a few more guilds could team up and make fights would be fun, find your fighting spirit!

fc done some mistakes in their leaderboard categories… K/D? result is ppl not zerging to save their K/D. Where is minigame W/L it’s the only interesting stat imo.

I like this week better than the last. Although afaik the 80 ring hasn’t been fixed and there’s still a few in circulation :frowning:

I’ve never been a fan of lowbie pvp though, I’m sure some people are having way more fun than I am just because of that.

I think at 80 it will be a huge imbalanced mess though (gear/AA wise).

I enjoyed the lvl 59 stuff the best so I’ll probably just pick it up again during the 50 and 60 weeks.

80 is going to be a mess, yeah, I really don’t see much point in the servers existence once the cap hits 80, past completing the quest. If people are just going to P2W their way to PvP 10 and all their gear why bother? It’s just like the other servers (except that I have PvP 10s on those already).


I’m only planning to continue playing so that I can level with my friend. it gives me an excuse to level up a new character and PVP at the same time. otherwise the servers a bust, the damage is done. Pay-to-win crap is a joke and now I hear that they have level 80 mounts that are one shotting people in the low level ranges.

I sincerely hope they never run a saga of zath again after this fiasco.

Nothing here for me. AoC PvP was broken, is still broken.

Suggestions: Remove PvP specific gear and just reward same tokens for PvP and PvE. This would re-unite the player-base into a single population. Remove the Energy bar, makes AoC PvP look fake, arcade-like.

However, I really see no point in the Saga of Blood server now that I reach level 20 and just see the vanilla game being offered. I hate the minis, they have absolutely nothing to do with AoC or the Hyborian Age. Open-world PvP offers the lowest PvP XP when it is the hardest form of PvP.

but… you did get a lot of people to play PvP, I won’t be one of them.

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Minis are only worth a damn premade vs premade which isnt even possible. Energy bar is terrible as well, never has it been so easy to escape PvP. I miss the days when most classes had to commit to a fight.

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Credit card warriors

As opposed to what? Farming dungeons to be competitive in pvp? :roll_eyes:

just make minis normalized gear since most of the people crying about sanctum don’t leave town between pops anyway.

They did promise to make this a thing once upon a time but never did. Either way it doesn’t include world pvp.

Cmon… this small fee is np. And its obtainable for all. Who th wants pvefarm for gear on this server. Im hopin there will be a new pack out at next cap so we dont need to farm dungeons. And… there is not good gear out there for all classes btw. Not at this lvl.

The real problem is the ppl runnin around with the 80 super OP ring! Thats just redicilous!

What is the devs thinking of with that!?!

And while im at it, whats with the zero info around this server??? Its like… do they even care

My bet is new packs to buy will be at level 50. Till then nearly anyone will cry pro a buy option… actually sanctum stuff for 40 gives pretty decent half sets for each class combined with jewellery and belt from pvp vendor.

Actually sanctum give no armor for demo/necro.
Hox only

tbh casters didnt need good gear at low levels to be competitive. the only thing caster gear did was make soldiers who even try to enter frenzy stance in a group fight disintegrate.

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In lv 30-40 range, the stuff for demo/necro drop in Black Castle (minor pieces, lv 32 but very good), in Pyramid of Ancients epic (dagger and tali), then vanaheim armour lv 39 (vanaheim rank 2 vigdis), Chang (eleven sacred weapon) at lv 40 (Purple lotus swamp).
In lv 40-50, open-world blue drop (in epic Field of Dead for example), hands dropping in Toirdealbach dungeon (not the neck, you can have better in armory reaching pvp 1), hands dropping in Cradle of Decay, weapons in the same dungeon.
At lv 50 you can do ardashir arena and get the epic staff lv 55 for the next bracket.

Since lv 40 you can even craft gear for your demo, but the armorsmith progression is demanding as time (expecially for rought leather dropping) and costs (You prolly need to buy gems even if u cut).

Some dungeons like Sanctum, even if beautiful, have little o nothing for demo/necro. Same for Tarantia Noble Arena.

can’t wait for my medium str/wisdom gear in the cistern. lol!

but yeah lvl 50 been more diverse. also nothing like ganking eos in epic fotd XD