Poll Redo: Vote here on your opinion on the 79 bracket. Let the devs know what you think!

Had to redo the poll because reasons: Please vote again

It’s the question on everyone’s mind. Will they raise the level cap on time? Or, Will they extend it? Make your opinion on the matter known so the aoc team and @Mussagana can make the right decision. As you all are aware once the 80 cap is achieved, everyone who bought store PVP xp is going to roll out the gate with full tier 3 PVP 10 gear plus a boatload of AA points just waiting to get spent, essentially curb stomping everyone else. Is this what we really want?? Let it be known what you think!

  • I would like the cap to be raised on time this Thursday.
  • Please extend the 79 bracket an extra week.
  • Please extend the 79 bracket a further 2 weeks.
  • Please extend the 79 bracket a further 4 weeks.
  • Please extend the 79 bracket until the new year!
  • Please extend the 79 bracket indefinitely!! Level 80 is a drag!

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Thx for the one week option. And pls guys dont throw away your vote on the unrealistic options. Ofc FC needs to please its customers at some point in the close future.

Spread…How does buying Store PvP xp get you full T3 PvP 10 gear m8?

It’s quite simple my friend, you see players who bought the store chests were awarded random PVP XP tokens worth of massive amount of pvp XP. you’ll notice there are already many people running around as PVP level 10. they likely already have a full set of tier 3 gear as soon as they hit Level 80 th’ll be able to wear it. And then you might ask well spread, how are they able to get tokens to buy the PVP Gear with? well that’s also Simple. by farming the pvp festival over and over as well as I believe they also show up in the store chests. so there you go. Age Of Conan has finally gone pay to win. I’m going to have to change my game review on steam.

I think that this is something that has been known for a very long time. In my opinion in a true PvP Saga scenario, there would be no shop available at all.

for once spreadicus with a sensible post, and the guys tales in the other thread regarding this are on point.

the guys that want 80 asap are the shop warriors and non-pvpers only here for some shinies to bring to claim on crom (a guy blatantly confessed to it in dreadhs thread)

if one does not appreciate the change we have now (near vanilla aoc), you’re simply not playing the server for what it’s about, the PvP!

Concluding from the votes one week seems like a reasonable compromise that does not pi… off one side totally. And its clear majority of ppl dont like the idea of a very long time vanilla experience, its not 2008 anymore.

Not all are shop warriors and non PvP’ers. Some have other reasons. Like Barbarians have very limited gear available pre-80. Most of the light armor is for healers. Some people that last feat can make a big difference, so it’s get to 80 or pay to re-feat. These are examples that are totally NOT shop warriors. The way the poll looks now, the sooner we hit the 80 cap unlock the better.

Roddam I think Mousagana is the one to interpret the stats and evaluate what route to go with. 60ish % of the votes want it extended tho, so your last assessment seems abit odd.

For the sake of this poll, let it be known that you can change your vote at any time and the most realistic options as of now are the on time option which currently holds the lead and the 1 week extension which is in 2nd. If any of you who voted for any length of extension would really like to enjoy at least one more week of pre 80 pvp then consider changing your vote for the 1 week option. I personally would like to see it extended til the new year but i know it’s not going to happen.

Make your vote count. Don’t waste it.

Last time I checked u made this poll and its unrealistic alternatives, next time keep it simple :joy:

The alternatives aren’t unrealistic at all but its currently narrowed down to those two options so it is what it is.

Do I get a vote??

You pretty much have the only vote that counts.

The sooner this server ends the better. Crom is pretty much death and not much is happening. Keep the brackets weekly.

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Give us one more week in brackets, give us a chance to fight the over geared lvl10 necros poms and rangers.

Not at all! I’d like these things to have community input, so if the majority of votes are to extend we’ll extend. I know we put something out on twitter, I believe there’s something on facebook as well. :slight_smile:


So anxious to get me back are ye? :grinning:

I change my mind, please bring next bracket, I prefer to suffer uber t10/gear/AA grinders than playing in a dead server when there’re minigames with the same players over and over, open world pvp is a joke, I only have fun a few times when there are two zergs, and my group of three can catch some prey, the rest of the time only one zerg annihilating everything. And if you want to make a instance to equip your toon, it’s hard to find a group of 6.

release the kraken!!!