Future Gear Packs after 30


Why dont you add the next gear packs (if any) to the pvp vendors and make them pvp lvl 2 or 3 requirement and purchasable with in game currency? Give even more incentive to do minis and pvp than there previously was. And you’d still boost loot box sales from people wanting to get gold and pvp xp items to use the pvp gear if they aren’t able or want to spend the time to level up the right way. People would still get access to the best gear but feel less bad about it without having to directly spend funcom points. Just thinking


Excellent idea m8. Now armory vendor shop looks empty. And after like level 60 it would take days just to properly gear in pve when we should actually pvp? And no, gear farming will not be pvp fun since ppl will run dunegons so no player contact… so at the end we would spend more time in pve grinding than pvp which does not feel right on a pvp server? Efforts that wasted anyway at 80.


I agree. I don’t want to do long PvE questlines or dungeons to get gear for PvP in a PvP server. Adequate gear should be sold every 10 levels in the armory.


Seems that this is what the masses wanted. To earn gear by doing pve. Now I don’t even know if I want to play because in order to get gear to be competitive in each level bracket I have to first spend a week grinding for blue gear. Granted the starter pack is still viable for now but post level 30 it wont be. When the only pvp gear in the game is available at level 80 only, it kinda defeats the whole purpose of having pvp brackets at all.


Should’ve been there since launch really.


5x pve droprate til 80, ez fix.


we wanted this because it was going to spook the noobs to the game(which it did) who are required to have a healthy pvp server, which we no longer have. everyone just rides mini dick.


Forcing people to do PVE to earn pvp gear is the longest running problem with the pvp side of this game and why many long time pvp’ers left the game ages ago. This server just brought it all to light now. The fact that people got freaked out had little to do with the actual gear and more with the hyperbole being pumped out on the regular by people who are too cheap to pony up a measly 5 bucks for a set of gear and instead chose to whine about it all the live long day.

As for minis, Minis are part of pvp culture. they have been ever since they were introduced. World pvp is a different dynamic and can be a one sided affair. You can get the same experience on Fury without the level cap restrictions in place.

you can’t have leveled tiers for pvp competitions without equivalent gear sets for each tier, either given freely, or bought from npc vendors or from the funcom store. That’s my point. So once they raise the cap to 40 for a week people will need to go run 6 mans in sanctum to get the gear available in there because there is no level 40 pvp gear.

PvP in this game is best played at end game. the starter set was meant to alleviate this issue and get even the new players competitive right away, but people just had to cry about it. Hell i bought the pack for myself and 2 others because 5 bucks really isn’t sh*t at the end of the day. If you cried about having to spend 5 bucks on a game that’s already free, then rethink your life choices.


Did you know it wasn’t $5 per week til the second week? Minis didnt even pop when I first played this game, all PvP was in Kheshatta. Huge PvP, not the khesh duel pit as it is these days. In every instance of zergy wpvp on this server I simply joined the team I disliked the least and had a blast. I do think PvE gear should matter, but they should boost the droprates massively so you don’t have to repeatedly farm the same stuff. Also bought 4 packs so far, im not saying its unfair, its more b2p than p2w but it came off as p2w to the plebs, which are an important part of a pvp games ecosystem.


This argumentation was smashed in the previous thread.Not wanting to spend money on a p2w model isn’t people being cheap…Make the sets rewards for the pvp quest OR make them part of being subbed.

My life choices are fine ,i am rethinking my game choices and how to spend my time if i play AoC instead.And sadly the answer is not pvp saga :smiley:


It makes sense because on a PvP server the last thing you want is to take ages to kill mobs and level, but it makes no sense because at the end of the day once PvP10 you will buy the regular PvP items for sale.


Would be nice to know if there are going to be free gear or future shop packs… Otherwise there will be lots of BC and Sanctum runs coming…