20-30 Bracket Gear

I had an idea, while you all made quite a penny on this lv 20 gears…

Why not make 30 and beyond “free” to subscribers, ftp make it cost the 360 or w/e

This will either make people subscribe (more money for you all!) or if the ftp don’t want to cough up the 12.99 they can pay 4$ for the gear.

I think this is fair for paying you monthly, and im sure many subscribers would agree.

I’d like to see it free for everyone but we all know you guys need $$ so this way it either pushes the ftp people to sub or pay the already 360FC


Indeed would be awesome :slight_smile:

Free for subs would be fine imo, but im also kinda sad that i dont get to farm dungeons for gear to pvp with at each lvl bracket. Was looking foreward to running sanctum.

I’m quite sure there is going to be a new pack for every 10th level.

I would like to see the level cap of the pvp packs to be on the same level as the power tier of them.
For example the level 30 pack would require level 30 to open, at 30 there is not a new tier of minigames but for 40 you have to make a decision.

Either you farm dungeons to get blue gear to play minis or you hit the cap and dominate the festival area. Problem is I don’t really know how powerful the blue gear at level 39ish is, it might be worse than the itemshop’s level 30…

I’m all for making this server a subscriber only server.

I mean, it worked so well for them in the past.

Geezus bro it’s a temporary PVP server get off the pve addiction for just a little bit!

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LOL Right?

on PVE saga server 50lvl armor set was way better than 70lvl items, so expect 30 lvl set to be much better than 39lvl sanctum items

This isn’t that gear, though. This lvl 20 gear is the same that was in the original item shop with the level restriction on it removed (and there was a set for every 10 levels so they’re just reusing it). Sanctum gear was of a far higher stat budget than that level 30 gear was, but as one assumes the lvl 40 gear will just become available during the 40 cap week with no level restriction, so it won’t matter (about all that will be worth PvEing for is probably the arena weapons at 55 or whatever).