P2W in saga, not a suprise

What happened to “everyone starts in rags etc” when u click item shop and see 4h buff potions alongside with pvp gears… and I am going to assume u are “supposed” to upgrade it like every 10-20 levels like the pve one u had in saga?


Not sure how anyone could not have expected this… Lol… its the intention of the servers to generate money.


Does the pvp gear at least look cool, something new there or just recycled look? I am still at work, can’t play yet :confused:

Its the same old item shop gear the “nerfed t4 set”.

@Halfdead I’m sure everyone was expecting it, but it should be cosmetics, mounts maybe, bags who cares, but the fact they try make people buy and upgrade pvp sets as they reach certain points in levels is just absurd.

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You know guys from Funcom how to destroy the fun from the very beginning. I see many people leaving already due to the ■■■■■■■■ items from the shop. Remove this crap. Its almost impossible to kill those who own 20lvl items FFS,

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I had some leftover points from ages ago, So I decided to see the actual stats and… oh dear lord

I think they should give this gear to everyone as free claim, so everyone starts at same point and its only about pvp, not farming the gear for it. 7% crit potions, that is oh dear lord. I hope they disabled rune of exile?

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how much is that gear set, affordable? 300 Point?

300 points, also my sin at level 5 sits at over 70 dps…cant wait to get corrupted and lotus blades…

I understand you need to make money, but with the Starter Pack you just completely undermined the whole meaning of the new server.

Its not just a starter pack I think… I mean back in pve saga u were able to uprade your set as levels went … I just hope its a bad dream and not reality on this saga too

Kawouri, good to know who I need to track later :stuck_out_tongue:

I hide nothing bro <3

I thought this was a player vs player server with a fresh start and everyone in rags? Oh well…

It’s cheap, but the issue is the principle. This is absolutely disgusting. And you’re just alienating so many players and making them quit on the very first day. Soon the server will just contain a small number of vets fighting each other.


How the hell are we supposed to compete with those who own those items!?
You barely understand the logic of PvP. You infuriate me Funcom.


Guess you better get yourself a set :smirk:

what a bunch of whiners.

And it will be every week, on every 10lvls :smiley: So to be the best u need only pay whole your saga, on 80lvl i’m sure they will sell full t3 pvp.

I really had the hope for a moment that these items would be disabled on this server… but it was to be expected that they are still available.

One of these items is almost as good as a full green tortage set on that level, with this complete blue gear I don’t even think there is a way to kill someone unless they play like they started the game for the very first time.
I don’t even want to think about the epic versions of these sets that are available on higher levels…

I mean, I don’t really play PvP at all, still, I was going to try this server but competing against the hardcore PvPers in this gear is pretty much putting me into the same situation as it is on Crom. You go into a mini as a PvP level 0 character with PvP 10 characters with all the insane gear AND the experience. I have nothing against playing against better players but I can only see that my chances to win fights are even lower with this gear.

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@AndyB Can you comment on this? I was eager to try this Saga as a non-pvp player, but I wont bother if you just support this style of P2W gameplay :frowning:

I dont care about selling stuff in shop, but not that which buffs your char so much and in PvP setting.

sad panda(ren)


They wouldn’t disable it, imagine how much money they can get: every week new cap, new gear to be the best, moreover this gear from shop much better than any other from bosses, so every week u will pay them for pvp gear cos without it another guy with it will be like raidboss. The best end of this story is merge on fury…and 80% will pay again for transfer to crom. Deal with it, das business honey :smiley: