Worth to come back?

Hello, Im old veteran, I´ve played the game since launch until 2/3 months after Rage server launch. I´ve played mostly in Fury but had also 1 or to characters in Crom. Before I left I transfered all my toons to Crom.
Lately I’ve been watching old videos of the game on YouTube and I’ve been wanting to play again. What is the status of mini-games at the lower levels? 19/39/59. I have 3/4 level 80 but I´d like to experience the “classic” leveling at the same time than pvping.

Thank you

Play on crom, fury is a dead.

Not much happening nowadays. People farm RF whole days, Slithering Chaos and thats it. PvP only happens at 80lvl, from Monday to Friday pvp is playable between 15:00-24:00 EU time.

People consider that this game is not dead, but is not alive either. I am playing since 2008 and the state of a game is terrible. The best idea is to try the game on your own, for me its not worth logging back.

Take care!

From the bit’s and pieces I’ve seen here and in game, I don’t think Crom mini-games are doing to good, heck I think outside of the week each month Pvp event, that Pvp on Crom isn’t doing well. The mini-games still happen but it appears they aren’t always popping and of course the rage yells of hacks and cheats is heard far too often.

In addtiton to mini-games there’s a public arena in the Fields of the Dead for fighting either vs pets or other players.

If you’re looking to come back for just the Pvp, I think you’ll be disappointed. Now there is in the rumor mill, that the next Saga server will be a Pvp one so you might want to keep an eye out for that.

Hopefully one of the Pvpers will see your post and be able to give you exact data.

The main reason why I was playing reguralry AoC was PvP. Nowadays minigames are flooded by cheaters and all the time you’ll see the same players over and over again.

When it comes to PvP festival = you wont see fights between groups or guilds. Mostly it looks like players log their alts, farm them and get rewards.

If you want a PvP game, AoC is not what you’re looking for

I find that on Crom specifically, low level bracket minigames hardly ever get ran. I thought maybe that would increase due to the popularity that low level minis exprienced on Saga but I guess I was mistaken. Also hear that the quality of 80 minis on Crom isnt that good at times, but I guess that’s something that’s more of an opinion of some of the more vocal pvpers. The Arena in Field of The Dead can be fun, but lengths can be extreme at times and chances are you’ll end up dueling the same person over and over, or their alt.

I leveled a barbarian to 50 on Fury and I didnt see a low level mini pop there either, but I found there was enough open world pvp while leveling up to make up for it-- However there was a fair share of 80s trying to increase their k/d ratio. There was little to no PvE on Fury from my experience. However, I did find attending a world boss event there to be fun because of impromptu PvP.

I guess it really depends on how much you’re willing to settle for, in terms of worth. Crom definately is more populated, but theres no open world pvp, and the things like sieges are a joke. Fury can feel exceptionally dead at times and you’ll probably be bored out of your mind there unless you play 100% for the PvP.

I’d probably recommend Crom over Fury so you can experience some of the PvE features like purist instances, which I’ve noticed are being ran more often. Along with occasional pugs. You could probably also find a guild that does both PvE and PvP to satiate both urges.

Honestly i wouldn’t return to the game, not much has changed, new content is not being made, PvP is still ignored , PvE has nothing coming so they bring out RF, which is dumb down versions of T2-T6 raids where they hand out T4 tokens like candy at a parade.

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Just to give balance to this thread after Utogi and Itburns (who belong to the weird species of internetpersonas who stay in a forum although they do not like the product it is about, constantly trolling regarding the first one):

The qol has been signifcantly raised since you last played. Pvp on Crom (mini and event) seem pretty healthy, although I can only say this about lvl 80. During the pve-sage (a temporarly server dedicated to leveling and progressing to T4 raids that ended 15th May) a lot of low level pvp happened (minis), so there seems to be a lot of interest for them in a enviroment where more people actually have low level toons.
As already mentioned rumour has it that a next saga server might be pvp.

Bottom line: If you liked the game just try it out again, it is free. If you can not live without constant low level pvp, have an eye on the game and try it out when/if a pvp saga server comes.

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I have to say that its not that i dont enjoy the product, it has its moments, more past then present, for me if i was out i wouldn’t come back though, as going forward there isnt anything worthwhile on the horizon , I am one of those people caught by my personal community, i have friends here who i enjoy talking with in Vent, laughing joking and doing things with, but if they all up and left tomorrow for something else i would be gone, as great as this game was and it was, its been left to rot, with very minimal support, takes forever to get to talk to a gm or have issues dealt with, Funcoms interests clearly lay elsewhere( Conan Exiles), like i said im here, but if i wasnt i wouldnt bother coming back as there is nothing to look forward to going on.
Now on the other hand, and to be honest if there was stuff coming up in the pipeline i would come back, but PvP is abandoned still no new mini games since Sag, they brought out PvP week which turned into a hand holding exercise long ago, and apart from the introduction of a dailey pvp quest nothing much going on. As for PvE T6 is the max, probably will remain that way, no new 6 mans in the works, no new zones, if they changed this and supported the game going forward then totally it would be worth coming back, but giving their track record i cant see that coming…

I don’t know why it’s so hard for you and Utogi to just uninstall the game and walk away from it if you’re so miserable here. I mean really are you two so hopelessly addicted to this game that you just can’t let it go? You can maintain contact with your friends and still play other games. There’s this platform called Steam for example. It’s not just for buying games it’s a social platform to stay in touch with friends among other things. There’s no reason you two have to stay around here if you hate the game so much. Frankly I’m sure sure I speak for many of us when I say don’t let the door hit you on the way out and have a good one.

I have not once said i hate the game, but stating it has no future as funcom have given up on it is obvious to all, its a 10 year old game, if someone is looking for a new game to play this shouldn’t be the one, with no support its over before you even begin , I love AoC its been the best MMO i ever played, but it got dropped hard and fast, Funcom never really took this game to its potential, they always took the cheap option in everything they did, i mean hell look at when they merged EU and US, they took the servers away from 75% of the population to the US, lost soooo many players. miss managed all the way along, so as someone who is still here and is still playing, i would say walk on and pick the next game on you’re list.

if he want to invest into a game world with not even 60 people online, go for it … #FuryIsDead

I get that you’re frustrated but you aren’t helping the game at all by passing on negative information to potential new players. there is plenty of content for a newcomer or returning player to get into. Sure fury is dead but Crom is still alive and kickin. Stop being a negative nancy and put your big boy pants on. We’re sick of the constant QQ. It isn’t constructive.

@utogi There is no investment required. It’s a free to play game or didn’t you get the memo?

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I consider time an investment.

When giving opinions i like to give both sides of the coin, if Funcom invested and moved forward with the game come back, but at the same time i wont post it all rosy just so another player comes to the game.They have given up on AoC, there is no new content coming that is fact, not being negative speaking the truth.

@Itburns Bro do you realize that they fixed some of the most longest lasting game breaking bugs recently like settings not saving they actually fix that within the last month or so. Better late than never as far as I’m concerned I think they’re taking positive steps.

Hey guys, please try to stick to the topic and avoid personal attacks.

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The creator of this post is not a new person in the game but a veteran. From the veteran’s point of view, there isnt anything new in the game. For the new ones, the game can offer a lot, but for the old players are only old dungeons left, old pvp maps and raids. I remember you Guhn, do not come back for pvp or you’ll be disappointed

Hey Guhn, you’d probably want to play on crom. 80 minis happens regularly , I don’t think low level minis ever do. You should’ve come back for saga, too bad you missed it we had nice minis in low brackets for a while. If they do the pvp saga at some point as has been hinted at there’ll be plenty of pvp at low levels but for now no.

It’s worth it to come back if you want to, doesn’t cost anything and you can just delete the game if you get bored. There’s a few guilds raiding too if you want to raid again so, at least in end game you’ll be able to scratch the itch.

So yeah 80 minis happen regularly, And I’m pretty sure you quit before t6 right? So there’s a raid instance I guess you haven’t seen yet if you want to pve too.

Great they fixed some bugs, where the new content? i mean we talking 10 year old bugs in a game, that should have been fixed years ago, tell me where the new content is, the new 6 mans, the new raids the new minis/pvp events?