Returning player?

Hi all. I played this game for a few years when it was released. I love the world and was thinking of coming back.

Is it worth doing so? I prefer PVE but it looks like there’s more activity being discussed on here related to the Fury PVP server. I noticed I can buy a level 80 toon from funcom. If I do that, is the community welcome to those who are ignorant of the game?


Pvp’ers in any game always seem to be more vocal than PvE’ers just playing the game. Plus it’s like an on going recruitment campaign to get more Pvp players.

Fury has a fraction of the total pop Crom has. If you want to see other players outside of using a fight matching app like they use on Fury, Crom will work out just fine for you and if you do want to dabble in Pvp, Crom has a week long Pvp event each month.

The games still going. Pop is low and Funcom has the game in maintenance mode. You’re probably better off NOT trying to sub as it seems over half of those that try, have their money taken, but are still F2p in game.

You can play from lvl 1 to 80 totally free, it’s only when you want to buy and then play in the Godslayer expansion (or end game) that you really need to worry about a sub (and that’s mainly to unlock the gold cap).

Auto 80 characters. I’m going to have to say No, the community is not really welcoming of those that don’t know how to play. The one’s running the end game dungeons have been doing so for years in some cases and helping someone learn a dungeon is totally different than trying to carry them through a dungeon while at the same time teaching them how to play their class.

If pve is your preference then you will be best served playing on the Crom PVE server. There’s plenty of people still playing there and lots of guilds always looking for new members, plus plenty of friendly people.

There are of course elitists (jerks) on both servers but crom does have the higher population of every kind. T

he only pvp you’ll see on crom is from the pad as you’re ruthlessly farmed into oblivion by much higher geared players and vets who do so effortlessly thanks to tier6 raid gear.

Fury is for hardcore pvpers only these days but I do hear some guilds/groups occasionally do pve. It’s mostly world pvp between rival guilds and pvp matchmaking via a 3rd party app. Other than that, Furys a ghosttown :ghost:

Welcome back and have fun!