Returning after many years

Thinking of returning after many years and looking for advice.

What is the state of the servers? (Most populated, RP, PVP)

Sub or no sub?

Are there low level players to group with for instanced dungeons?


AoC is in maintenance mode. So don’t assume anything big. Population is ok, you still find people to group. Mainly on 80 but I always see some small ones looking for groups for Purist.

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Crom got the biggest population, Fury got some players lately but I don’t think it will stay active for very long.
You don’t need subscription, as long as you got the expansions you can do everything like a normal subscribed player back then. Premium nowadays only adds some bonus to EXP and relic gain.
Sometimes you can find low level groups as they try to get the Purist achievement, other than that low level groups for dungeons are rare.


There are only 2 servers now; Fury (Pvp) and Crom (PvE). Crom has the bigger pop. A special Pvp only server just ended and all of those were transferred to Fury so right now their pop is up, but it’s wait and see on if they stay there / keep playing there.

There are a number of RP guilds on Crom and I saw a post for a Fury RP guild just recently so if that’s what you’re looking for you should be able to find some.

The biggest change in recent memory was they changed all the adventure packs / expansion to B2p. No more ‘have to have a sub to play it’ or ‘buy guest pass’ to access. So you don’t need a sub for any of them.

While a sub will give you some extra’s; it’s not really required, although there are some good reason’s too, especially at higher levels. Namely having a sub cancel’s your characters gold cap and since the good faction armor for lvl 80’s generally costs more than 10 gold, having that cap cleared is very useful if you plan on end game raiding.

Was just playing on Crom in Tortage yesterday. While there weren’t as many there as when I started that character, I did see a number running around. Best hint for having others to do lower level dungeons post Tortage is make friends in Tortage. Alt is to get into a good guild where the players have lower level alts that would be willing to run them with you.


Looking at coming back as well.left in like 2014-5 feeling kind of nostalgic.Who would of Schtunk it?

Crom is still alive and well. Fury is much smaller, but a lot more fun when people are actually on.

Well coming back is not gonna happen it seems. DL game last night. Login to account and all of my lvl 80 characters are gone.On both accounts . 10 lvl 80 characters wiped. all of my expansion purchases wiped.RoTG all of the mounts armor and such and so forth. Guess its back to spending 500 a month on Warframe. I will miss you guys(again) . But there is no way that i am going to grind all of that AA and the mounts again. No insults just dissapointment

That’s pretty strange. I’ve had a 7 yrs break or so, and all my characters/items were still there. Maybe try to contact Customer support.


Funcom’s never wiped any of the accounts and if your expansions are gone to it’s not like you were hacked.

On both accounts? Was there maybe a 3rd? I ask because some how I ended up with 2 accounts at the start too (most likely one was a trial account that I forgot about when I bought the game and created an account for it).

If you log onto the ‘My Account’ page and do the ‘I forgot my user name’ feature it’ll ask for your email address and if there’s more than one account associated with that email it’ll list it on the email they send you with something like ‘we found multiple names associated with that email, please pick one’.

The only other thing I can think of is if they were on one of the now closed servers, maybe they wouldn’t show. If that might be the case, once again go to the ‘My Account’ page and down at the bottom is the ‘Transfer’ button to see if you can recall them that way.

‘My Account’ page would also be a good place to look at what’s associated (Expac, Goodies) with that account.

It would actually be a good time to come back. The current Promotional event - ‘see how long you can go til you die’, has got Tortage and the Lower level zones pretty active, both with old players doing alts and some new players. Lot’s of calls for low level dungeons on up to end game.

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It would be nice to come back I sent in a ticket. I was a guild leader we did raids with requiem nex we had a T3 city I have sent a ticket. You may remember me as Mauis. Kaishang was my Guardian “TankDT” was my Dark Templar I also used to stream my Conq. I was Crom PVE. I used to pick on Raleigh and Schtunk alot.

I will send in a ticket for the other account. I have no clue at this point. And no I am not mad accidents happen and it kind of serves me right for bailing.

The only other time I’ve heard of this happening is when somebody shared his account, then the person he shared his account with deleted all his characters.

no i do not share accounts as my credit card info is on those accounts. It still has a transaction pending in the queue from 2015. All I can do now is wait for a response.

Well if you are into rp then gear and AAs are not what it’s about. Many ways to acquire a raiding or pvp ready toon