How realistic is it to find people interested for purist dungeon runs as a new player?


One of the reasons I want to play AoC is to experience the gritty setting dungeons as one would for the first time like back in the day.

How viable is it that I find like-minded people in the game and form groups for that purpose?

I’m playing on Crom and seeing the population makes me skeptical so I thought to ask here to be enlightened!

Thank you!

Solo player trying to fill a PUG, probably about zilch. Especially in the lower levels. Once at 75-80 than you might have a fairly good chance.

Your best bet is to get into one of the two low level guilds; Vilayet Sea Snakes or Iron Circle.

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Thank you for the detailed answer, now I got a better idea of what to do & expect :+1:

It’s doable on weekends, earlier when you have both EU and US population on line. It might take some patience. There’s a consistent trickle of new and returning players, they seem to reach a decision point on staying around the upper 30 and 40 ish level range. If you can get a group together and arrange a time frame to do things, you can probably get multiple purist dungeons done with the same group.

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You can try to recruit ppl here in the forum. I’m interested.

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Gotcha, I’ll aim to do just that, thank you for the pointers!


In-game name is Rasunemun, level 41 Tempest of Set, feel free to add me :+1:
I’m from Greece so I play during the EU time-frame mostly (Around 17:00 - 23:00 GMT+0).

I’ll attempt to form a Black Castle purist run tonight, let’s see!

I make a new toon just for that. That means it will take a few days before I can join. We can talk ingame about best time, cause I have raid on a few days (Wednesday, friday, saturday) during the prime-time.

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Damn, sounds like quite the quest, I wouldn’t want to lock you down to leveling a toon just for that as I’m not sure how much time this endeavor will take, if it is a waste of your time or/and if it can be coordinated perfectly but in the end it’s your call!

Give me the name of your toon when you make it so I can add you on my alt, I may make a PoM Healer just for this purist campaign and continue with my ToS as main.

Just want tp point out that you can stop pve progression/leveling in the menue options, if you want to stay at a certain level for a dungeon a little bit longer to wait for people to catch up.

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Thank you for the info, much appreciated :+1: