New Player - Polaris groups and other dungeons?


I can’t seem to find a group to do Polaris which is (i believe) the first dungeon.

Just curious -

  1. is this normal?

  2. for how long will i expect this to be normal? (til i get close to 50?)

  3. About how many levels above would i need to solo a dungeon?


1 - yeah, there is not much population under level 18, game has low population overall and it takes less than a week to exceed that easily.
2 - I’d guess at 50 yes
3 - for Polaris and a couple next ones you can solo it within the level range as long as you have MMO fight instincts already (don’t stand in electricity or fires), level 50 ones you probably don’t want to.


If you want to run the story mode dungeons at the appropriate level, I’d say your best bet is to ask in general chat.


Reason #357 why SWL should be alt-friendlier: actual newbies would have a better shot at finding alt-newbies to run with.


I think it’s just down to timing. This weekend I queued for Polaris and ran it two times in a row.

On the second run my teammates died when the last boss had half his health left, and I solo’d the rest of the fight (hammer/sword), so you should be good for soloing Polaris.
I’ve definitely soloed it at level 20 with an alt (blood/AR). It helps if you have a healing ability.

edit: and I encourage you to solo the dungeons once, just to check out and appreciate the locations (and get all the lore). Although I don’t think you can solo the Transylvania dungeons.


Anything with a story mode can be soloed, even the New York raid. :wink:


Update: Just got a group at 930am on a Thursday :):grinning:

Instantly as i clicked the button. Almost thought i did something wrong (“hmmm, never saw that window before”)

Anyway, it is possible… keep the dream alive


I wish there was another way at the moment but group finder limits your options regarding low level dungeon runs and veterans cannot even see you are looking for help through the dungeon selector … Your best option regarding the matter is to holler for help in guild chat so one of the many veterans goes in and help you run the place in private party mode.

  1. Ask Cabal
  2. Second Best Method ; Use /LookingForGroup in either your level area of in Argatha.
  3. Thirrd Best Method : Use /General
  4. Look for veterans in your level area (Tell tales signs : All red gear . Orochi jokes , looking to offer newbies for no charge their first 3 pip weapon or piece of gear); Might be yours truly!

Don’t /invite à la mode sauvage it’s kinda looked down upon.


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