How long do we have to wait in queue for a dungeon?


I’ve queued for Polaris Dungeon for more than 3 hours in vain.
Ii’d like to know if this is normal, what is the average waiting time and if it’s possible to reduce it ?

I guess story mode dungeons aren’t very popular these days. In the brief times a character is in their respective level ranges, most people probably don’t bother with queueing for them and complete them later at level 50 solo (they can be soloed before, but it can be a chore) or in the elite variant.
You could ask in the “Looking for group” channel in either Agartha or Kingsmouth if there are more interested players.

I agree with @Svella, particularly about asking in General chat in Kingsmouth, which is where you’re most likely to find others looking to complete the same content. You only need two others willing for Story Mode. But never fear if you don’t find them, it won’t take too long before you’re able to go back and solo the Story Mode dungeons so you can view the content as your leisure. Also, you’ll have many more chances to run them in Elite mode after you get to level 50.

Also, if you haven’t joined the Sanctuary channel yet, consider doing that - it’s a group of folks who are willing to help if you have questions or need some help. Type /chat join Sanctuary into the text bar in the game to join.

I used to queue for story mode all the time so that people could get it in, but I never know if it’s annoying for other people to get through too quickly, so not as much anymore.