I can't do group quests, cause there's no one


I’m a level 44 Herald of Xolti. I have been playing the game like a single-player RPG so far and I would have continued to do so, if the game allowed me. But some quests require a party and when I enter party finder, there’s literally no one to do it with. Not even after hours

Like I have had the quests in Black Castle for ages and now I have levelled up so much I can’t even use the group finder anymore (not that it was ever gonna find me players anyway). So now I have 2 questions:

  1. Is there any easy way to find players to do quests with? If you’re not part of the level 80 elite of course.

  2. Will I ever reach a point when I can just solo the party quests? I recently checked some level 29 enemies. They are gray and don’t even attack me anymore. But still, I get my ass kicked by them. I wish there was a way to solo them.

You can just skip the group-quests and continue solo content. Groups are not mandatory to get to lvl 80.

If you want to do them, you can either ask on nph or global chat for others to help (but you’ll need patience to find 5 players to join) or keep on leveling. I’d say you need to be 20 to 40 levels above the elite mobs to solo them, depending on skill and gear.
(For black castle you’ll need a group, no matter which level you are, since there is a trap that requires 4 players)

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Yeah you can’t queue silently and hope people will party up, the server isn’t populated enough so people won’t queue because they don’t expect it to pop. Even if people want to run the same dungeon at the same time they will be forming a group first to run together. Doing group content will require chatting with people. If you aren’t going for purist achievements there are generally a lot of bored endgame players happy to run someone new through anything. Just put something on NPH or LFG channel. Good way to meet people

The group part of the game is TOTALLY optional. Just drop those Black Castle quests and move on. You can (and I’ve done it multiple times) solo to lvl 80 without ever doing group quests.

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