Vanaheim grouping

I see that the Vanaheim quests can be done via group yet cannot seem to get a direct answer from anyone on Saga about my questions.

Is it a full 6 man group? Is there a limit to the amount of people? What does grouping do in terms of difficulty? Does it make it a lvl 80 instance? Is the lvl based on the highest person or the one that created the group?

You can do Vanaheim in a group of up to 3 people.
Now I’ve only done vanaheim in a group in the “hard mode” version and at level 80 so that is all I can talk about.
At level 80, when you group and do in hard-mode (sounding the “Vanir War Horn” which gives you a buff of the same name and also “the darker shadow” quest). The difficulty is increased as more mobs are with the bosses you have to kill. Specifically the last boss gets 2 adds spawning on a timer that you have to deal with as well as the boss …whereas solo in either normal OR hard-mode, there are no adds.

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Thank you, hopfully someone will also reply about non lvl 80. Looking for ways some fellow new guildies can level together without requiring either a full group or good gear.

The playfields scales according to the amount of players in them. For example if you were to do it alone, lets say 10 monsters would spawn, if you enter as two there would be 15 monsters and as three there would be 20 monsters. And as already mentioned, the cap is three players, you can still be in a group of four but only three can be in the same playfield at the same time.

As a group you will save time, if you’re a low damage dealer then it will greatly help you a lot.

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Is the number of tokens increased in hm with 2/3 people vs solo?

No, tokens are gived you to the quest and not to boss drop, quest HM it’s the same whether you enter in alone or not!

Oh? So there really isnt any benefit from grouping other than getting it done faster? One would think more mobs = harder and thus greater reward.

if funny is not a benefit …
I find that instance terrible in solo but i have to admit i did rank4, times ago on crom, because was really a fun and relaxing place to deal with my girlfriend or with one or two friends when you want have fun with turned off brain :slight_smile:

Yeah I get that, having a place all to yourselves is great. Was talking in terms of rewards.

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