Is shadow of vanaheim worhtly to get?

Been reading some review about it, i read there are many bugs, not fixed yet, I don’t know if i should buy it or not. Apparently it looks like a place for grinding but the level cap is too easy to get and no good items are there. I never heard a conversation about this expansion. Is it really worthy to buy? Thanks.

The only expansions you really need is Rise of the Goatslayer, Turan and Dragon Spine. Vanaheim is a good place to level up your toons, lots of xp from mobs and quests and really nice vanity cloaks. And thats it to be honest.

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its a fun way to level some alts, and it nets you a decent ring for most classes. And some cool gear/mounts, but nothing groundbreaking.

Its kind of like a small exsclusive khitai faction(one with decent rewards) in a way, but one that you have to pay for xD

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I bought it during the last Saga server when it was on sale for $5 and at that price I’d say yes it is.

To give you the overview of it: you have 4 separate maps; clear a village, the snow area from FotD (where you quest to find that archers arrows), a small encampment and a big area to get to the final fortress.

I found the first 3 maps to be enjoyable, the last one not so much. The initial quest is good ‘we want our village back’, but after that it’s just a bunch of ‘kill X’ repeatables.

While there’s some good looking stuff on the faction vendor, going up the faction ranks isn’t as easy as it is in Turan and I can only assume you need to really do the repeatables that give faction points (since not all do it appears) over and over.

For a place to solo level, yea it’s great since you log back in right where you logged out of and the NPC’s all respawn so killing them over and over works.

For bugs I’ve done / am doing it on 2 characters and the only bug I’ve seen is I didn’t get the same quests on both characters; the 1st guy I did during saga got a couple that weren’t offered to my 2nd one.

You can take others in with you by groupling and both starting outside the instance in Con Village and porting in, my son and I couldn’t get it to work any other way.

Quests rotate (deterministic) on a daily basis so its not a bug but a feature. Bugs mostly consist of visual glitches here and there.

Well that’s an interesting feature. So far the only one my 2nd guy hasn’t got that my 1st did was to steal the fish in the 2 fishing villages. Guess when I’m on my guy I’ll have to bug the quest giver each time to see if it pop’s up.

I would get it if there were some solo instances that drop some nice rare item you can trade. But useful not just to show off.

Not remotely worth it, it’s cheaply made recycled content with nothing interesting inside and the loot is bad. It’s only worth it if you want to level solo in the fastest possible way.

I actually like Vanaheim… you can solo hardrmode without too much diffculty, so it doesn’t take that long to level up. Some of the quests are quite interesting and require a bit of strategy to complete. Once you have one toon at rank 4, other toons in your account can use Marks of Acclaim to buy rep.

Best thing of all though are the swift bear mounts. You never ever get knocked off of them, so they are great to ride through gauntlets in places like Kara Korum and Dragon Spine. I have one for all my alts.

You don’t NEED it to advance in the game, especially now that the rings which used to be quite good, are replaced by RF rings. But it is a bit of a change of pace from farming gems in Slithering Chaos, or trying to find a raid or 6man you’ve done a hundred times already.


Is an instance based on the recycling of content (done bad), it had been proposed years and years ago and had not passed the quality control, at the end after years Funcom decided to launch it the same way.
I obviously, when I saw the setting Cimmerian, I was fooled and I have not thought twice to buy it (shut up and take my money)
The plot is trivial and with plot hole, the instances have a lot of graphic glitches and the vanity items are nice even if the textures in low resolution make them look like in plastic, especially the helmets. Even the mount, I hate it, it is a bear mob that has been recycled to it lacking 80% of the necessary animations.
The only noteworthy item is the ring (very expensive) that at the time could be worth it, it was better than the T4; in a time when the T4 was not yet sold out with RF, it was the only place that offered class-specific rings (combat rating + magic damage for HOX, or combat rating + heal rating for BS to set an example) but now between SC and RF those rings are obsolete and not worth it.

Despite all these faults, I have found it a partially pleasant expansion every now and then. In spite of the wild grinding, I have found it pleasant to have occasional play in the company of one or two friends without external interference.
I played it together with my girlfriend (in two) and occasionally with another friend, in 3 and it was nice to play with them.
That’s all

What does in two and in 3 mean?

You mean in two occasions?

He means you can do it with up to a group of 3 people.

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Aha, he meant with two, thanks Zaldar! :slight_smile:

I appreciate that this is an old thread, but it made more sense to ‘raise it’ then start a new one.

Having read the above could someone please clarify the following:

Whilst ‘leveling’ a character can the content of this DLC be played solo?

Am I right in assuming that if in a group, all players would need this DLC as oppose, for example just the leader?

Many thanks. :smiley:

Yes (and it is the only “dungeon”, better groupcontent, for max 3 people.)

starting from 20, instance is adaptive, at what level you enter in on that instance level of mobs are (if you enter 74 every mob is 74), in case of group with mixed level, instance level depend to first who enter.

everyone in group need have expansion for have access in.

Thank you both for the prompt replies.

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Very much so although some of the bosses my be harder for some classes. My Conq son had problems with one of the bosses that my ranger handled easily.

During the PvE saga I picked the pack up and ran my DT through parts of it off and on starting at lvl 20 and didn’t have any problems.

Cheers. :grinning: