Starting Vanaheim

Hey All,

Returning player giving this game a go. I started back last week and have been trying to level an unconquered toon. I have finally finished everything in Tortage and I’m level 23.

Looking on line it seems like leveling through Vanaheim is probably my safest option since I am not super fimilar with the game. I was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction on how to start the quest line/leveling in Vanaheim.

If anybody has any leveling paths or tips for unconquered feel free to share them as well. :grinning:

I’m in the same position. As far as I can see, Vanaheim is intended for groups not solo, as Ymir and other mobs have 20x times the amount of health compared to other enemies.

I also note that there’s plenty of advice for new characters, then everyone says ‘the game only begins at level 80’ and there’s no real advice between Tortage and hitting the level cap.

Vanaheim needs the expansion pack for it.
As well Vanaheim might be good for experienced players who can level up fast in there. But you can easily die in there as well. As well it’s quite boring to level in this area.

For unexperienced/new players I’d recommend exploring the world in the “normal” way by going to the starting areas after leaving Tortage which is the hub cities (Old Tarantia, Conarch and Khemi) and the following areas: Wild of Zelata, Conal’s valley, Khopshef province and Gateway to Kithai. All these areas have mobs and quests from level 20-40.

For lvl 40-50 visit Tarantia noble district and Field of the dead.

At lvl 50 you can go to the Eiglophian mountains and around 55 to Ymir’s pass.

At 60 lower regions of Atzel’s approach and Thunder river are the area’s with fitting quests.

At 70 look for quests in Kheshatta and upper regions of Atzel’s. Around 76 you can do Tarantia commons.

Edit: for unconquered toons it’s save to deal with enemies around your own level or lower and better start running away early instead of finishing close fights. As well be always prepared to dodge patrolling enemies.


Thanks for your response!

So I assume it may be better to just jump between the racial hubs to stay slightly over level on the mobs and quests?

I saw a lot of older threads stating Vanaheim or Khati was good for unconquered because some of the older zones had insane mob density.

if that isn’t the case though, I will try these zones out.

Density in Vanaheim is not lower than in other zones. Levels are scaling with your own level, so you can’t run into mobs with higher level, but if you pay attention that won’t happen in other zones either.

You can solo through it just fine. Even the final boss fight which you’d think should be a group effort can be done solo because you get a horn to summon NPC fighters to your side to fight with you.

Jumping between the beginning races zones is the best way. Try to stay slightly over level and play a cautious game.

It’s easy to get in over your head in any of the zones and no one region has a lock on ‘mob density’, so just keep your eyes open and don’t run blindly through the landscape. An example would be in Khopesh Providence, the east path out of the village goes up a slight rise and at the top are 3 or 4 NPC’s and if you just plow into them all, odds are you’ll die.

As far as Gateway to Khitai goes; some parts are easy and then you’ll see a large difficulty jump, for examples one quest has you digging stuff up in and around some wild horses. For their level, those horses are TOUGH on level so be aware.

Vanaheim is a Buy to Play area and the transport guy is just down from the Conach Village zone in point. The first 3 maps aren’t bad; a village clear out, open field and then a camp site. The trick to leveling in Vanaheim is to do a map, then zone out and when you go back in you’ll start that same map again just at what ever new level you’re at. I used to farm the 3rd map (camp site) as it just consisted of killing your way to it and then working in a circle around the camp.

When you hit lvl 50 there’s the Turan Buy to Play that’s pretty good as an alt to doing the villa’s. There’s a few spots where you can aggro both the patrols and stationary npcs and get in over your head, but the best place is the Dead Man’s Hand quests, where you zone to an island that levels you your level and you have to kill X npc’s and burn some corpses and you can just do that over and over again.