Conqured before 80 Nerd Rage

Having leveled my unconquered toon up to lvl 38, thought it would be fun to start running my vanehiem quest line…Entered the 3rd stage…just on the other side of the wall, seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a piss???

Returned to a dead Avatar surrounded by a pack of roaming wolves!!! Mother F…er!!!
With the redbar issues and the geometry glitches im starting to get the feeling Power lvling the newbe for the badges is the only option?

I can certainly understand the frustration, but that was well and truly your own fault :wink:. You dont leave your unconquered char alone anywhere there might be mobs.

Personally I am after the title as well as the challenge of it. If I was only after the vanity items, then I would just powerlevel to 80. But putting on the title of Unconquered. when in fact you are not, seems kinda pointless to me. I’m at lvl 61with my sin atm, and I think the achievment of going to 80 without dying on it will feel pretty great. Maybe take a week or two break from levelling and then try again?

Working on second unconquered toon atm… solo leveld a necro in my main account, and doing same with bear shaman in second account. I fill in villa CDs with Vanaheim, but yeah… never, ever left a toon afk except in non-combat zone. Very risky.