I lost the unconquered way without dying

I made a character in unconquered mode and died from a swarm at level 66. Create another with the same name and in the same way and when I reached 70, it didn’t give me the achievement and I didn’t die with it. Has it happened to more people? Is there any solution?
Sorry for my bad English.

Are you sure you really made this character a challange character? Maybe you forgot to check that.

I am completely sure, I did it carefully.

Unless somethings changed there is no achievement at lvl 70. The achievement spots are 20, 40, 60 and 80.

I wish you were right, but achievement points are given every ten levels

Have you checked on the character selection screen if that character still has the Unconquered icon?

It does not have the icon. I also can’t put any badges on achievements.

If you don’t have any badges, most likely it wasn’t an unconquered character.

I put in a petition. We will see what they tell me, if it was because of using the same name or that, although it does not seem to have happened to anyone else. Thank you very much for your interest.

If you don’t even have the lower level badge, you just didn’t make the character unconquered during its creation.

Nothing will come out of it, save both yourself and CS the time. Unfortunately it’s clear that you forgot to check that unconquered option since you can’t select a badge. It sucks, good thing you found out now before getting 80.

Perhaps, but it could be tested easily enough. Create a toon, level it unconquered, die at level 19, delete it. Create new toon and give it same name as old toon then see what happens when you reach level 20.

I used the same name for an unconquered toon over and over again. Because of…reason!
It worked fine, every time I got to the next level steps (20,40 etc.) I got the achievement, with different toons every time. JUST to try that out, of course!

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I started with another character, with the same name and without problems, until the server failed and the option to connect to another server and I appeared dead at level 67.

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