Question about Unconquered Status at 80

@AndyB and @Spynosaur_Nicole, I am pretty sure that I know the answer to this, but I have heard the question raised up in game and have seen it asked on the forums…Once your Unconquered character hits 80 and gets receives the final unconquered statuts, it is okay to play that character normally, right? I mean, your Unconquered character, at 80, can die without loosing the accomplishment?

Please confirm…thank you!


if you die after 80, you probably stop progressing in the leaderboards.

And, did they put this leaderboard somewhere? :thinking:
I mean, I know they announced it, but I have not seen any link to it, anywhere… :roll_eyes:

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Yes, once you hit lvl 80, you can step off the DMC tent :smiley:


I didn’t even know that leaderboard was there! And my toon is on it, lol (in class board).

Barrywight - That gave me a chuckle. :laughing: There are a few of us who are actually doing it doing normal content. I admit I have tossed in a few villas and a bit of Vanaheim. But I’ve been doing most of the same stuff I normally would do. Oh, I did skip the East side of Thunder River because of that epic named mob who wanders the area. A disconnect near that guy would be a certain death.

I would like them to answer this too however I have already decided I like this toon and want to try out some tougher content with him once he hits 80. If they blindside us with an additional Unconquered challenge after level 80 and I have already died then so be it. I will not do it again.

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Well, you won’t find me there with the rest of the hoard…nothing wrong with that, but I doing things the old fashioned way…questing takes a while and Vannaheim scared me today when I had prolonged laggggggg…so keeping fingers crossed…


Was about to run to Thunder River today, when I saw the shout outs, “Kiting WB to the rez pad near Poitan”…No thanks…General Whatever HisName Is will remain ignorant of the goings on in Tarantia Noble District for a few more days and crabs go away…LOL


So, I finally made it to 80 unconquered. I got the rewards, etc. and then decided to finally kick the tires on this toon to get a feel for what he can do - I attacked The Sewer God in Tarantia Commons.

I did pretty good but wasn’t quite geared up for it (and don’t have many AA’s yet including VOM), so the dirty rat killed me (it was close, lol). Anyhow, I got the "you have been conquered message as I expected and also as I expected the rewards didn’t disappear and I checked another toon and confirmed the level 80 robe and weapons cache were available.

What I did notice is that the leaderboard does continue to show me as 79 in second place (for DT class). So Cappa appears to be correct about dying after 80, it may stop you from being updated to 80 on the leaderboard.

I didn’t even know about the leaderboard until Cappa posted so I can honestly say, I don’t really care and not worried about it.

But I wanted to pop in here and give a heads up to those who do care about the leaderboard. Once you hit 80 you may want to park your toon for a bit - at least until you see the leaderboard update you to 80.

Maybe there’s a dealy and mine will eventually update, but I suspect that Cappa may be correct. If the leaderboards only update periodically and not in real time, then by dying within a few minutes after I made 80 unconqured and received all of the rewards, I think it’s possible that the next update cycle for the leaderboard my look for the unconquered flag, which would mean even though I hit 80 unconquered as the 8th DT, it may never know to update me and alas no-one will ever know what an incredibly awesome player I am (<-sarcasm, lol :wink: ).

So, if you don’t really care about the leaderboard and just wanted the feeling of accomplishment (and the vanity weapons for all toons! :grin:) then go for it and play normally.

If you do care about the leaderboard then Cappa may be correct and you might want to hold off at least until you see it updated.

Best of luck to all!

Oh, I should mention that Atilius Mansion in the Common District seemed like a good place to grind out the last part of 79 but I kept getting swarmed by mobs from several rooms even with extremely careful pulling. I noticed a mob completely far out of aggro range from both me and my pull and not aggro linked to my pull after a delay would suddenly run into the next room like she’s a Vanir running for the alarm horn. Not sure why that was happening as I have done this zone many times before and have never had this problem. It’s almost as though they knew I was going for unconquered and were determined to get me! I think Funcom may have offered them free ale at the tavern if they kill an unconquered. :beer: Maybe they just hate me for the other times I came through in the past and ruined their fun.

But seriously, be careful in instanced zones. There really does seem to be some kind of mass aggro mechanism happening that I don’t remember seeing before (not all the time, but often enough to make me wonder what’s going on).

Cool. So, I may think about playing my necro a bit more, and move it from my bank guild to Destiny… :grin:

FC should make a long term motivation to Unconq 80 toons resulting in additional (cosmetic) rewards like top rankings in leaderboard similar to saga. Which prevents that people throw away their 80’s unconquered status too easily.

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Indeed, at the moment, it doesn’t make much sense to keep the “Unconquered” status, after 80… :neutral_face:

Maybe they should add some reward for things like “Cleared all Tx raids unconquered”, “Reached x achievement points unconquered”, “Reached x PvP kills unconquered”, or something like that… :thinking:

I can confirm that after the latest update my toon dropped off the leaderboard. So in order to show up there you need to still not die after getting to 80.

So that pretty much means either parking the toon or continuing to play “safely” if the leaderboard is important to you.

You have a valid point about not really any reason for some of us to choose that over simply going back to a normal play-style.

Those are good ideas for motivating players to continue. Would not have made a difference to me as I said I ended up liking the toon and wanted to start playing it normal. I accomplished what I set out to do - beat the challenge of getting to 80 without dying to get the vanity weapons. Now I want to go back to pushing my limits. Driving a Ferrari around at 10 miles an hour for two weeks to get some new seat covers was fun but now I want to hit the track and see what this baby can do.

But I do like your ideas for those who would be interested. Things that continue to give this game a boost are good for players and Funcom alike.

I love seeing all the new activity. It proves to Funcom that they still have something great here. And hopefully it’s proving the same to the bean counters.

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It’s a good idea, but it can not happen now : all the people who started playing their character “normally” and died after reaching 80 would feel bad. with a good reason imo.
(ps: my unconquered character is still level 12 in tortage !)

that’s the kind of things where some trolls would cause wipes on purpose.

Still waiting on @AndyB or @Spynosaur_Nicole to make a final call on character and reaching 80 status. When is it safe to die. I think the consensus is that you need for the leaderboard to update, but after that, if you die, (once the leaderboard has updated), do you remain on the leaderboard or not?

It would be a real shame to have all these level 80 characters that are unconquered at 80 and that are unplayable because of a death penalty once they hit 80.


Please read and reply…



if you die after reaching 80, you will not improve your position in the leaderboards for achievements points and playtime.
that is just what it is.

Well my Level 69 Demo dropped off the leader board all together after dying, so I would say any death at 80 will drop you off also.

Yeah, if you die you’re off the leaderboard regardless of what level you are. At a technical level the leaderboard is just looking for what amounts to “are you Unconquered?” and if the answer is no, then it won’t show the character.

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If you die, though, can you can still display the badges you earned up to the level 80?

Yes that is still possible, I had a few people in my groups that had the badges but died in the dungeon on level 80 and they kept their badges on the sides of their character name.