Question about Unconquered Status at 80


If thats the case then this badges are not a current player state but more like a general player achievement and therefore they could and should be Account wise IMO

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I thought the same thing at first… but I’m fine with only characters that earned the achievement being able to display these badges. It makes them distinct from other toons and obvious to everyone that they are the toon that worked their way from the Tortage Beach to level cap without dying even once.


I think in campaigns, such as this unconquered, them badges should be rarity and character alone
or else I soon would simply turn off option to see badge.

Some account bound achievement accomplishment title is standard.

I probably will lend a hand with AOE cc, blue heal, whatever if I see badges in need.


Thats a nice attitude. But then the badge should be only for folks that still hold the active status and not already conquered ones. Either way current solution seems unlogical to me in the sense that it is not necessarily the player Status.


It may not reflect current status, but it does reflect a significant achievement. Would be sad to take it away or spread it around to toons that did not level without dying. Another thought would be to have two versions…a gold one for those that are actually unconquered, and a silver one for those who made the achievement but have since died.


A couple of things you should consider before continuing down down this path…

There are players like myself who would not even bother with this if you make the rewards dependent on remaining unconquered even after reaching level 80. Given the current state of the game it would be counterproductive to make an event fewer players would likely partake in.

Also, while Funcom was vague about the intent once you reach 80, the rewards have already been earned once hitting 80 so there is little reason (or logic I might add) to continue to have a character that cannot be played normally. Changing the rewards now will leave a lot of players feeling unhappy, especially since Funcom has gone relatively quiet for the duration of this event so far.

Let’s all be honest here, you will die if you play your toon normally. I wouldn’t mind a wholly new achievement introduced, say for example an “invincible” badge or title which would be in addition to the “unconquered” badge. The “invincible” badge could be based on continuing to not die and could be removed from the toon upon death even after 80. This kind of idea or something along these lines might work to allow an event like this to still generate the participation (and lets face it they need the revenue) and satiate those who would be willing to have a handicapped toon on their account that cannot be played normally, ever.

Just my 2 cents but I think these are very valid points. Changing the rules of the game after the fact will likely have a larger negative impact on more players than it would on the fewer players willing to keep a hobbled toon on their account just for bragging rights only on that character. Don’t get me wrong - a separate additional and losable when you die even at 80 badge would be fine for those of us who actually got to 80 not being power leveled and unwilling to park the toon just for ego.

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