Unconquered at lvl 80


I got my bear to lvl 80 unconq a few days ago and had the unconq title on loading screen…today the icon for unconq is gone. I did not die with this character. Bug or working as intended?

the lvl 11 demo I made in case my bear died is still an unconquered character on char screen so its not like the unconq option is gone now

But I was wondering if lvl 80s ‘lose’ the listing?

80s don’t lose the status… unless/until they die

but since I haven’t died on it…shouldn’t I see the unconq icon on char screen yet?**

I’m wondering if it’s because you have a second Unconquered character on the same account? (If I understood the post correctly).

You can have multiple unconquered toons on the same account, np. That wouldn’t be the reason.

I had both of the characters with the icon yesterday

I guess its not really important at lvl 80: just leaderboard things after making 80 and I doubt I’d ever get to a leader board

Maybe those 30 plus guards in OT stole my char’s icon