What happens if Funcom takes away the unconq status for a lvl 80 who hasn't died?

So I have been trying to find out why my lvl 80 bear shaman who didn’t die has had the unconq status removed from the char screen…wasn’t able to even try for a leaderboard apparently


Is your BS khitans? Because i suspect khitans could lose It doing 80 destiny, when Conan kill them

If that’s the case then it’s a bug as Funcom stated that death as part of a cut scene will not remove the Unconquered status … probably due to the destiny quest cutscenes.

Is my suspect because in cutscene normally your character not really die (As for second boss in turan death man isle). But in destiny your character really die and respaw If i remember well

am i wrong or that part is facultative? i mean Yehoala will give you that quest to Conan only after you did the GGG and took the ring/neck reward from him
I did only once that quest cause i dont like to piss him off lol, is that the start of a chainquest or something?

I did do that quest after getting to lvl 80…had no idea that it would negate my nondrying status since its not a real fight

thanks lots Funcom…so much for any chance I had at leaderboard and the shards