Level 60 Destiny Quest and Unconquered mode question

Howdy folks. Hopefully this is a quick question that somebody knows.

I am doing the unconquered thing and have also done destiny quests as I go. After completing the level 60 destiny quest in Thunder River you are sent to Lacheise Plains where you watch a short movie where Thoth-Amon kills you and you are brought back by the dying Atlantean.

It seems like this is a cutscene only but after holding my breath for so many levels trying not to die, I have held off doing this as I am afraid that somehow someway that would make absolutely no sense at all that the cutscene death might actually count as a death… and void my unconquered status…

Not a huge deal as I can just continue to hold off on it but it was not mentioned in the info by Funcom (like arena deaths) and was wondering if anyone else has done it and knows the answer. Of course I would love to hear officially from Funcom but they seem very busy and stretched thin lately so I’ll ask here and hope for honesty. :slight_smile:

Anyone know?
(My apologies in advance if this is a dumb question)


I did it and it did NOT count as a death for Unconquered. My best was level 69 when I died due to server disconnect.

Go for it!

Thank you! Sorry about the server thing. Happens to me also - so far I’ve had a few close calls but was always still alive (sometimes barely) when I got back on.

Running a DT (I know necro would be safer) and trying to be just over leveled enough most of the time to still get decent XP but hopefully give me a little time to survive lag/disconnects.

Of course there is still the random mob swarming, fall damage and of course when I jump into a villa or Vanaheim those are equal level so a disco/lag could be certain death.

I’m starting to wonder why I am doing this… It feels more stressful than raiding (which I stopped doing a few years back for my sanity, lol).

Anyhow, thanks again!

You could just do villas for the next batch of lvls…boring but safer

Im running a bear now as I feel most comfortable on it.

btw if you take away the cutscene, the quest just ends when you click on the rock

When i was doing it on my hox my improved burning skull was active and it hits toth amon. So, if its possible to damage toth while cutscene i think it can happens too.

Yeah, I did it and it worked as Roddam said - no real death, just in the cutscene. Still unconquered.

However I was in programming/QA for over 20 years and I know it’s something that they could have done in such a way as to trigger the death pointer for the unconquered status, even if they had no idea that was the result of the original coding and it wasn’t intended to cause that…

That said - it turns out to be safe.

As Polearm implies, the mechanics of the cutscenes may not be exactly perfect and since that particular one makes such a big deal about killing you, it made me wonder.

Like all of you who are crazy enough like me to attempt it I am trying very hard to avoid every possible silly little thing that might cause me to die unexpectedly. My first attempt came to a frustrating end when I died in White Sands where you take on the flesh-eating plant in the abandoned house. The plant was apparently super powered that day because I wasn’t hitting it and it was walloping me. My only option was to jump out of the hole in the wall to escape and silly me, that six foot drop was enough to kill me (falling damage in this game is severe). I’ve been playing this game steadily since closed beta and that plant has never ever even been a close fight before! LOL

So, after reciting every four letter word I know and calming down I rerolled this toon and now I’m level 73 after being excruciatingly careful. I find that each level from this point on becomes a nail biter. Even then as others mention the lag spikes and disconnects still add an element of possible death no matter how good you are and careful you play.

Anubium - Yeah, I’m going with the boring but safer as much as possible from this point on. :smile:

Thanks for your help answering my question all - and best of luck to everyone else!

Did all destinies with unconquered Bear and Necro… you do not lose status from that cutscene, and got them both to 80 np in villas, Vannaheim and Dead Man’s Hand, and a smattering of Khopshepf early on (mostly Bubshur), Gateway and/or Wildlands, and E.Mts. Leveling a hox and a ranger now to try something a bit more challenging, lol. GL with your toon… You can do it!

its ok to do…if really worried about it just disable the cuts scenes option in interface like i did just to be sure

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Wait what? You can attack him during that cutscene?! What happened after you damaged him?

He’s only screaming while talking and moving… I mean while he gets hit his body move like getting hits.