Dead in Unconquered Mode for.. Lag!

I was leveling a brand new character and I was doing the Tortage night mission, in particular the Volcano one. I was on top of a wooden bridge when the game started to freeze with a huge lag. When the game started again to work my character was found fallen inside the Magma and I’ve found myself dead without realizing what was happening! So what now? As Unconquered Mode description says “deaths in the open world or anywhere else will cause your Unconquered run to end.”

So I have failed already to proceed with Unconquered Mode at level 13 because of a system fail?
Lag in this game is a real problem, I don’t have any Internet issue (I’ve 250mb of download bandwidth and I’m located in Europe) and is quite absurd that after so many years this game never fixed some issue like the Lag!

Can any Dev’s or community manager explain this or find a solution my problem? Thanks

Sad to inform you with: You knew what you signed up for.

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I can find a solution: start a new char.

I know its cruel but that is every hardcore mode in any game. There is no chance devs will help you. Just bad luck (yeah Mr. Lag is one of the Bad Boys along with his brother Mr. Randomness).

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and you were so lucky…think if you went though it to 79 missing just a mob to get 80 then just before striking the final blow…red bar lag and dc!
I just hope you did not buy something too expensive on that toon :confused:

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Wow, I didn’t know that the Lag was a feature instead of a problem in this game! Releasing a new “challenge mode” and facing the Lag as well as the enemy is part of the game! Amazing!

Sarcasm off: nevermind, I’ve the clear situation of what’s going on here.

I’ve played a lot of mmorpgs and Age of Conan is far from the worst when it comes to lag. Online games in general will always have occasional connection problems which makes these “Ironman” challenges more about luck than anything else.


I don’t want to complain too much, I know FC probably have very limited resources for AoC, and I applaud any try to encourage ppl to play. That said: Someone must have been able to foresee that ppl could die from lag/dc. Have started two new chars, one dying from lag and one from screen freeze/dc. Will see if I have patience enough for a third. Luckily both were below lv30, dread to think this could happen to a lv79.

Any chance you (Funcom) can somehow reset Unconquered status for dc-deaths, or that would just be too much work for gm:s?

I had 2 cases of rubber banding while in Night Tortage today and got the red bar at one point during the day, something’s I really haven’t seen for awhile.

Strange to say, but I think this hardmode promotional thing is more popular than people thought it would be and that’s not a good thing since more players in an area generally means more lag.

I doubt when they set up this promotion they gave any thought to how many ways the game system can kill you! Hahaha

how do you expect them to gather data to ensure ppl died from dc? :stuck_out_tongue: anyone can just say that they did

Logfiles? My guess is they can see logout time stamps and recent deaths. Yes, I realize ppl could just pull the plug (or kill the client) whenever they risk dying and claim dc-death, but those are risks they must have considered when deciding to implement this feature.

Can’t hurt to ask, at worst it’ll get a negative response.

I totally I agree, but since the FC devs may have some struggle to identify if one person really died for Lag (as I did) maybe they can make the challenge little bit easier.

I mean is not the challenge itself the problem, if I die because it’s my fault end of the story, no problem I can live with it, but if is the system/server/game the cause that makes you die, maybe they can give you one more chance every 10 lvl to die but to keep going with the Unconquered Mode status.

Don’t make me wrong, I love the efforts FC is putting to keep this game alive as it deserves, but when you make a new content be sure that the content is actually working and achievable!

You’ve been Conquered :smiley:
This is why I don’t even bother with this ‘‘new content’’, imo it’s stupid af and I don’t have time to reroll characters every day or two bc of lag. Some players will get to lvl 80 for sure, but not me. Maybe would do it if it was worth the effort tho.

I hope someone who makes it to lvl 80 will post what ‘rewards’ they get.

Then I can see if its worth doing again after my death at lvl 33 from the lag dead

I guess the safest class for this achievement is a necro, with pets on defense. :wink:

Of course, it cannot guarantee that you will never fall off a cliff, in case of lag, but at least the pets should save your a$$ in case of a disconnection during a fight… :laughing:

Or, you can get powerleveled in Vanaheim, by a lvl 80 friend… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is Vanaheim more safe than Xiba? ^^

Hmm… I guess both would work… But in Xiba you have to be careful on the jump… :rofl:

Xiba is “fixed”, dont get exp anymore from those illusions

The rewards are badges at every 10th level, vanity outfits at 20, 40, 60 & 80 and a weapon for your class (vanity or real?) at 80 plus the achievement.

Someone linked the lvl 20 & 40 outfits in game yesterday and with the exception of them having different names (unyielding & undying?) they both looked just like the lvl 20 white outfit. Not sure what’s up with that.

Don’t know Xiba, but I’ve done the first 3 maps of Vanaheim and some of map 4. The first and second maps have some tricky parts in them so the possibility of dying is there. The third map is probably the safest and most of the fourth is safe until you do the final assault on the fort to kill the boss.

Once you know the maps it get’s easier. I went through it on my ranger the first time and died a couple of times, but the follow up I did with my DT I haven’t had any problems.

20-40 vanity is basically just recolored random rare parts
and 60-80 is “add any random cloth robe with hood”