Lag now after halloween event is making it unplayable

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [lag has made conan exiles unplayable]
Region: [New zealand]

after the halloween event update the lag is made conan exiles unplayable in single player, not as bad on official, there is somatch lag i can’t even attack or do much of anything, meteors also dissapear or decay almost straight after landing… Please fix this issue

Having the same problem. Lost everything in my inventory after I died and every time I tried to get my stuff back the Lag was so bad that I was killed repeatedly y scorpions and snakes. We need a fix to this asap. PLEASE.


agreed i tried to attack an imp and couldn’t even hit the imp. and the fact can’t even harvest the meteors. the concept is a cool idea and the fact you can get items that you can only get through the urge

The lag in single players is most likely caused by the issue we have with meteors spawning way too fast in SP on Xbox. We are aware of the issue and working on it.

Lag very strong, I can not walk in the game, the meteors do not stop, when falling on the ground fall, and the game closes, solve this or get this update damn.

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We’re working on getting a build ready as soon as possible :slight_smile:

How long might this take to fix? I just bought the game and was enjoying playing it. Now its so laggy i cant even get anywhere on the map. Thank you.

We want to have it ready asap. That’s all I can say atm. We already patched PC and are working on the console versions now.

THank you!!! Such a cool game. I am completely new to the whole “survival” game play experiance. But I tried it out for the free play weekend, as im a huge Conan fan, and well, I was very happy and havent stopped playing!!!
Thanls agian,

No tea no shade no pink lemonade but instead of making the game unplayable for over 24 hours while you force an event a lot of people aren’t happy with why not just disable the event? Even if the team is dead set on forcing us to do this event why not turn it off until it is fixed so people who paid for the game can play it?

I know CM’s don’t have control over this and you guys are really punching bags for the community a lot of the time which is very unappreciated so no hate towards you guys but I am just baffled by the decisions being made right now. Like, is it harder to disable the event than it is to try and find a fix for this long?


I assume its just a learning curve from time to time. Hopfully if they do a yule/winter event or spring (RABBITS!!! with loot!! and special eggs that do random effects =p!)

Hopefully, next event, they’ll plug in a on and off feature to help avoid issue player side if “bug” does happen.
This game needs abit of that for several changes, many of PVP ones, destroy solo players game worlds. (Like not being able to set a tent down to hide from sand storm, cause some jerks in online abused it)
We need more opt out features and settings changes.

I’m on Xbox one x on official server 2504 pve and I can play fine a little to no lag the meteors drop normally not always like others but when I run to the meteors they only sparkle there are no nodes to harvest

Was playing fine in one of the official servers (multiplayer) and game crashed, this is only the second crash but SP is STILL not playable!!! Now online is starting to act up Is there a time frame we can expect to see some results? This has been happening for a long time now.

Is it fix yet.

Its impossible play with this stupid halloween event . The game is so slow. Plase remove this event .


They do not seem to be working to improve this! They have been in use for more than 1 day and there is no solution.


They do not seem to be working to improve this! They have been in use for more than 1 day and there is no solution! :rage::rage::rage:


How long is this going to take? This Halloween update is total POO I didn’t even want it. I play single player offline and at the moment have a game that is unplayable!!! 2 days now of this POO!! Can you just remove this POO update I mean who wants to run around in the Ducking dark all day anyway!!!


Are we expecting more “mandatory fun” events fore every holiday? I can see on online servers but forcing it on single player experience is above and beyond “silly” Taking away choice from the player and forcing us to play something so different from the base game is frustrating. I’m not a fan of the eternal darkness and game breaking meteors. It’s a novel idea for public servers, but it’s not the experience I asked for or paid for. Let us opt out of these events in the future. In this case ideas are the same as religion or having a penis. It’s ok to have it, and be proud of it, but you cross a line when you go around shoving it down everyone’s throat. How you handle this determines weather or not I will continue to support your game, there are a lot of survival games out there.


It’s been 2 days and you can not play yet! If the solution will be given until Monday that bad service.
and again, thanks FOR THE EVENT (SARCASM)