Server lag is at the worst it been since preview!

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XBOX official servers are unplayable right now! If it’s not a 10 minute cycle of rubberbanding and no stamina regain, it’s constant dc. 4 different servers our clan has played on this month and they’re all like this !

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
go to any official Xbox server the game

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Hello @g00dfit3m8, could you please state the servers in which you’re experiencing these issues?

Is you console on a wired connection and do you experience any issues with other online games?

Additionaly, please try to be more civil in your posts and keep in mind the community guidelines:

Offical server 2651, 2652 and 2675. It’s any server that has a population over 20. I’m on a wired connection but I’ve spoken to at least 20 people in the server , all experiencing the same issue. Lag, rubberbanding , no stam regain, invisible players , non harvestable nods. This game is in worse shape than preview right now.

Agreed 100% this game is like preview at this state. Any high population server is garbage

Thank you for clarifying, we’ll forward your feedback to our team and look into the reported servers together with G-Portal.

Regarding 2675, we don’t have a server listed under that number, did you meant to type a different one?


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