Cannot connect to any server!

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance
Region: US

I cannot connect to any servers its loads for 2 mins then kicks me to the title screen saying pending server error I have uninstalled and reinstalled and gone into single play nothing has worked please help! Has been almost 3 months now sense I have played the game online and still cannot connect to any server any. Even checked to make sure all ports are open this is not account specific I log into another account and does the same thing.

Please see the following concerning the Server issues. These issues are across the board from what I understand.

There is additional information located in this thread.

Additionally, we would like to remind everybody that this form is available in-game to report any server outages to our server provider, who handles server restarts.

It has been a problem for 3 months almost now this isnt a recent thing and G-Portal and Xbox have given up helping me because they dont know whats wrong and keep telling me to come here.

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