Server issues don’t know what to do

I can’t longing to my server. I tried and tried and tried I’m new to Conan exiles but damn I invested 20 hours into that server already what’s going on

Does it give you a message or just “failed to connect”? Do you mean an official server or truly “your server” meaning you own it or rent it?


Is it into server 2586 by chance??

I am unable to log into that server either!

I’m having issues logging into the official server I have been playing on #2586

The nature of the message could help narrow down the cause. Whether it says “failure to connect” “authentication failed” or something else. On my private server, I have experienced a spurious “authentication failed” which is why I ask. In my case I just connect again and get thru on the second attempt when it happens. Your cases could be completely different tho which is where the specific message could be helpful.

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The error message I have received is:
1.Failed to join requested game.
Connection failed message appears after I accept the failed to join message.

2.Could not connect to the server. “Join session” failed. If this continues to happen try restarting the game.

I have restarted my Xbox as well as the game to try to reset it with the same result.

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Did you get the error from continue, or does it still not work if you just launch and navigate to the server? Continue holds ip data and it could get a port wrong or something.

By any chance, trying to log from Iran?

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