Authentication failure!

Hey all… So I am getting a message box titled, failure received. inside the box it says Authentication failed! and then there is a OK box that has a green A inside a circle in the lower right corner. Only happens when connecting to a server, not a stand alone game. I have already validated my install, done a full uninstall and reinstall, checked my firwall settings, even turned off the firewall just to see if it helps. No change. This is happening when I connect to a server I have been playing on for weeks and started today as soon as the patch completed. Any useful and helpful advice?

Hey there,

Please search for an existing topic on the bugs subforum for your platform and reply using the [PC] Conan Exiles Bug Report Guidelines.

(Most of the) Community Support team is currently out of office, but will look into any issues as soon as possible. An official reply will be tomorrow at the earliest.

You rolled out a major patch and now the team is out of the office?!?!? Seriously?? That seems like it is a bad decision that should have been avoided, no?

Most of the Community Support team is from the Oslo, Norway office, which is out of office during most of the day for the US because of the timezone difference.

They currently have a small Community Support team and they working on expanding it.

Just fyi, I am a community member, not an employee.

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