Failed to Join Server - Authentication Error


Thank you.

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“Who are you” is not an attack, is a common question.

Also, unless you are going back and forth via emails or DMs with Funcom you shouldn’t be saying “Funcom is working on it” while their customer base is having issues with their product’s recent update.

Fair point, edited my post, Sadu & Meldek. Can we now get back to gathering information?


please solve this problem now!

Let’s leave it here please. There is a problem, a problem that needs to be resolved. Hopefully, soon.


got this reply in another topic about the same thing here… TheLOLxd2Chosen of Asura


Hey there,

Please search for an existing topic on the bugs subforum for your platform and reply using the [PC] Conan Exiles Bug Report Guidelines.

The team is currently out of office, but will look into any issues as soon as possible. An official reply will be tomorrow at the earliest.

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An official word from Funcom would help for sure. Rather than customers trying to work it out on their own on a company’s website.

Narelle, you are a saint.


this is due to disabling family sharing
but I’m banned from another game, i own the game. WTF?


Hey @Illidan , I see your steam account name. Can you please try renaming yourself to something that doesn’t involve special characters? Just latin letters and numbers and then try logging again.

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Well, 5 hours since the patch and since I made this post.

A lot o people with the same problem and nobody manage to find a way to fix it.

It means that we cant do anything to fix by ourselfs. So we need to wait to someone from the servers or the game devs to answer us.

That sucks cause I was really hype up to play this new patch on Official Servers. Anyway, hope we can play soon.


Exactly, till the actual game devs or Funcom employees make an official statement.

Hey @Sadu,

Please stay on-topic. This thread concerns an in-game issue -where joining a server returns an authentication error-. Discussing whether someone is an employee is not adding to this thread.

Furthermore, asking “Who are you?” is not very helpful (I can assume what your intention/reason for asking is, but I shouldn’t have to do so) and it can be seen as a personal attack; belittling the person for what authority they may or may not have. Personal attacks are prohibited by the Community Guidelines.

Hey @Narelle,

The ‘we’re looking into it’ statement itself should be made by the Community Support team, especially for larger issues. Could you remove this from your post, please?
You can say they are aware of the issue if you want.

If you have an issue with someone’s post, you can flag it. If you have an issue with forum moderation, you can bring it up with a forum moderator using DM.

I would suggest deleting all replies in this thread relating to said discussion -as it can be seen as clutter- and dropping it. If you want to continue this discussion, please do so using DM, point each other at the relevant community guidelines and try to stay civil.

Hey @Meldek,

Please try to be constructive. Eventhough indirectly in this case, your post can be seen as developer bashing, which is also prohibited by the Community Guidelines.

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Just started this game this week. Are they usually good at responding to issues.

Its so cringe just because Funcom decides we need a economy rebalance I cant join any servers now and currently my clan is getting raided and its unsure wheter or not we can hold on. If we cant we lose 2 months of loot thx Funcom instead of fixing bugs introducing new gamebreaking bugs that can make you lose everything just because you need new content that noone asked for and nobody really cares for.

Rather change a working system instead of working on actual problems like undermesh, the poison teleport bug back to your base with your inventory, the underwater walking bug. Nothing of these get fixed but yeah lets introduce some more fany working stations for ■■■■■ and giggles + add another bug that will lose a lot of players their bases when they play on pvp servers. Really good job appreciate your work!


What is mindblowing its the amount of Bugs happening right after the patch.

I don’t undersand why the TestLive server is for? Just Early Access?
They need to use the test live to minimize all kind of problems that can be happen.

Yes, you cant get them all, but the amount of problems today in this forum, after the patch, is absurd.

Sorry about the raid btw, i would be pissed knowing its happen right now and you cant even log in to the server.

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There was a new Dev Kit put out very early today. You are right about mods causing issues if they have not been updated.

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i dont understand

Do yall have any VAC bans? I doubt that’s it but I don’t know what they changed server side and i’ve been trying to fix it for the last 5 hours its the only thing left I can think of. This will probably be the first game I haven’t been able to fix myself in the last 8 years.

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I tried an account on which family sharing was never turned on, everything worked, without reinstalling and restarting.
is it a hint to buy the game and dls again?