A lot of lag, can't play the game

Game mode: [Online | PvP]
Problem: [Lag]
Region: [America]

There is a lot of rubber banding, npc and player warping. It says my ping is at a normal rate and my internet connection reads 100%, but I still can’t play since everything and everyone is lagging so badly. I am wired directly into the router, NAT Type is open, and I have done a hard reset on my xbox one. Nothing worked. I play with two other people who have no problem with lag and are in the same region as I am with the same ping. Please help, I love this game but I can’t play when it is this bad. I am on official pvp server #2588.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log into game.
  2. Play the game.

Can someone please help before the topic automatically closes, because I can’t play this game at the moment since the lag is so bad and the game randomly crashes and kicks me out. How does a game with some many bugs and connection issues not have a customer support team?

Sorry but i doubt funcom is going to respond to this. So many people complained about the game crashing on xbox. N they haven’t done anything about it. At this point i truly believe they don’t know how to fix it. So they just ignore xbox fans. Best thing you could do if you still want to try to play the game, is load up single player offline. Move around for like 30 seconds to a min. Log off to the main menu and go play online on w.e server you’re on. It’ll fix the crash for maybe a hr or 2, maybe 3 hrs if you’re lucky. If you crash again. Repeat the process. Or you could not play this crashing mess and save yourself the headache.


Thanks for the advice, I tried it already and it helps for a while but the lag is still terrible and in about 2 hours in kicks again.

Hi @Crazed, apologies for the delay in our response, we’ve looked into server 2588 and there are no apparent issues with it.

We’d suggest that you try to perform a soft factory reset while keeping games and apps, and ultimately try to reinstall the game, to determine if the issue might stem from your current installation.

Additionally, please ensure that the console is on a wired connection and let us know if you experience similar issues on other servers within your region, and also if you have any issues while playing on a singleplayer session.


When you guys are testing the server are you using an original Xbox? I know some people on the One X don’t have nearly us as much issues. But I don’t think its fair that the game has essentially become pay to win where if you don’t own the latest model console and a SSD you are faced with constant lag, dashboarding, rubber banding, invisible players, invisible npcs, invisible bases where your opponents run seamlessly. Please go online on any server with a OG XBOX and play around a big base and tell me there are “no apparent issues”.

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@Hugo lol no, that’s like the same response all the time. None of those stuff you mention works. The game crashes non stop on xbox. People constantly have to load up single player offline b4 they go online, just for it to crash again later. If ya can’t fix the issue just say that. Dont beat around the bush saying you cant find any issues when theres constant lag, purge enemies getting stuck under your fondation, invisible object n enemies. I mean the list goes on. But the main thing is the crashes n being sent to the dashboard. Your patching things up with PC, Ps4, but you’re gonna leave xbox? Cmon… yet ya pushing dlcs.

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@Hugo just because you aren’t experiencing it doesn’t mean it isn’t an issue. Here on the two separate Xbox consoles as well as the community of Xbox consoles that log into the private server that is hosted, visit other private servers and visit public servers … The issue is constant. The game is fine with zero builds and only a couple NPCs. Once players start to build and you have a lot of NPC* action in certain areas or a larger purge we are hit with loads of lag. I have decent cable internet. Friends have fiber internet. It’s the same experience for us.

The fact that you just recently reproduced the login dashboarding as a team on your end which has been an issue since May 2018 tells me how different the experiences are between the player base and team addressing issues.

Please help :purple_heart:

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OMG. I love this…FC " ahem, must be all your fault the game runs awful. Be patient. That is all".

Your plea’s fall on deaf ears. You’ll be lucky to get a response. If you do, you will get “we will have a fix real soon, after we update pc, we will give you more info on when your update will come.” That is the latest bs they say. They released update to pc last month. All we get is bs about our update not being certified by microsoft. Good luck on getting any real answers. Game has been broken for majority of xbox players for 8 months now. You will see a broken Isle dlc before a real fix to CE. And even then I wouldn’t hold my breath. Sound about right FC?

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Until the texture and server optimization comes with the next patch, any server that’s been around for a long time will have rubberband lag and to the most severe extent.

You’re better off playing on player-dedicated servers where admins clean the unused nonsense creating server-bloat.