Lag on official server. Jerky to unplayable

Game mode: [Online ][Official server #2970]
Problem: [ | Performance | ]
Region: [Oceania]

I have noticed some sever lag issues on the Official server #2970 depending on the time of day and number of people.
During the day the server seems to work ok so don’t bother checking the number of players online.
I’ve noticed evening around 8-9pm NZ time there is a bit of lag.
The server says it can support 40 players but with 4 players showing online at this time there is noticeable lag, NPC movements stilted and if they run (eg chasing a deer) they can teleport a few meters at a time. Trying for headshots with a bow is out of the question. And even the menu system has delays and you have to wait up to a second or more for commands to register.
With 16+ players online then the game is unplayable. character position is slow to update, falling through the floor or walls. Running is completely out of the question. Only slow movements allow the possibility moving around the world or base.
There appears to be one other clan that has built within the same region just our of view over a hill with a 2-3 structure base. Not sure if two bases within one map grid of each other causes issue. Never seen any active players nearby.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Log on during 8pm NZT to find 16+ players and unplayable lag and clipping.
2.Log on during day time 12-3pm NZT, no issue
3.Log on during 8pm NZT to find 4+ players and slow response.

Same across every official server unfortunately… I play on active servers that can have 35+ players in every night … performance is our only downfall (not including exploiters and claw users ) I don’t even try fight anymore… if I manage to get into the server without been sent to the dashboard 5 times then I consider myself lucky :joy: I have had somebody in my clan playing sat next to me with our tv s next to each other … it’s laughable how much dsync there is … I can be in one place one my screen but a totally different place on his screen … :joy:

Tried again at about 9pm NZT with 4 people showing on the server and had no issues.
This time was playing on a Xbox one X wired into the modem router.
Some of the previous attempts when others have been on were on a Original Xbox One going through the switch off the router.

Yeh the original Xbox can have a lot more issues … i play on the onex and Conan is on my internal hardrive and I play with a wired connection… still have lots of performance issues

Hello @Darkheart, thank you for reaching out!

Our developers are aware and looking into console specific performance issues and crashes.

Could you please let us know if you have any issue with other official servers?

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