Lost souls update bugs

On Xbox one x , on single player there is a problem with meteors constantly coming down and disappearing almost as soon as it hits the ground. And it causes the game to become choppy and unable to move.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Fix Halloween update now! This is horse $&@@“


i have the same issue, can’t do anything


We’re aware and are looking into it.
Sorry for causing frustration.

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Wanted to thank you for looking into it, and for all the great dlc you are putting out on the game. The game is great and I really enjoy conan exiles. Really has been the game for me , the one that I play the most. Thanks again.

thank you for looking into this issue. for me personally this isn’t that frustrating because i play both single player and play on an American official PVP, and I’m in New Zealand a little bit of lag after the halloween update just not as much as single player. Once again thank you the team at Funcom for looking into this issue.

Really glad to hear that you enjoy the game :slight_smile:

Just as an update: we already hotfixed most issues on PC and are currently working on the Xbox and PS4 builds.

De verdad es molesto que me compre el juego y no pueda jugarlo por sus errores, espero NO se vayan de vacaciones hasta que lo arreglen. :rage::angry:

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