Dead in Unconquered Mode for.. Lag!


How about not completely losing the progress but going back to the next lower level?

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My son fell to his death while in the Night Volcano too last night. He said it happened when he was running down the mountain after he made it blow up and a lag spike hit.

We had been doing some of the Daytime Tortage stuff and we had both been laughing how we were seeing the other’s character bounce around their screen with his lagging more than mine so I guess it was to be expected.

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My character fell through the textures on level 20 in Tortage



I always use path of asura after that volcano mission. Too risky in unconq mode.

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I never knew you could do that!



I was at level 55 doing a Villa. For reasons unknown, all of a sudden EVERY mob in the entire instance rushed me. I had no way to escape and died.

Next day on a new character: I am up in the village where you get the Forgotten City Quest and several rhinos attacked me. (I survived cause I could run away).



lava lagged at lvl 18 - why didn’t I just skip to bypass destiny? sigh - did not even run into lava, just woke up to close to it and incinerated all of my caution - I bought the add on armour packs too - also wasted - seems a bit unfair - lose run, lose pack but Funcom gets to sell me another if I can work up the enthusiasm - I think open world deaths where u have no aggro on u - maybe get a few mulligans?





Same thing happened to me in Villa Paetus fighting two mobs halfway through level 79. Clicked no and waited. Spent that time deciding what class and name my next attempt would be. Luckily it loaded me back in unharmed and reset back in time a bit. Just before that I was knockbacked into a wall, had to kill mobs and then /stuck. Watch out for the walls guys.



Packet loss on the socket before server grants death penalty to the toon, plus client log at server reconnect.



the server have pingspikes consistantly and it affects people with diffrent severity, just pull your internet cable when you are about to die in that case and make a ticket about it. besides what customer support would handle all those tickets considering billing support take more then 20 days to even be looked into, lets not be devils advocate here :grin:



What is really sad, I have not had a server disconnect like that for like a year. Last time it was because of my isp. This time I really don’t know. My work server connections (14 VPNs) stayed up.



Well I managed to make it through the island and the volcano with no lag deaths, but I’m done anyway.

My first attempt made it to lvl 6 and died when she fell off the bridge beside of the house of ill repute.

My next attempt made it to lvl 24, but bought it when I went to fetch water to cure Tina. I’d forgotten how those Pict archers swam you when you enter their camp in the Destiny quest Awakening III.

Got my first set of vanity so I’m good. Had fun trying to make it, oh well I don’t think I’ve ever made it through Tortage with any of my characters not dying atleast once.



I fear no mob or dungeon. I only fear lag.



Level up in minigames. This is the safest route.



There are enough low level mini at every level for bring you at 80? Except in sagas low level mini were death for years



They are very rare, I see a call for a low mini once in a great while, so I think it’s not a viable way to level an unconqueored.

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I have now had three friend die for stupid reasons, and server lag killed two of them. The other died from what should have been an non lethal jump into water.

Come on Funcom, I understand getting killed by a Zerg, not being prepared for a Boss, logging out or going AFK in a dangerous zone, but getting killed by a server lag absolutely sucks! For those players killed by lag, at least restore them to unconquered status at that point. PLEASE…

Thank you,


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I have been killed twice by lag, some of my guild mates have died repeated because of lag. It happens and not always a Funcom problem BUT there should have been a way to tell death by lag from death by mob or sell insurance like path of the vanquished that is there for pvp. The way it is now, it’s frustrating and really can damage the games reputation, especially for new players… We need new players and ways to bring them in. But that is a different tale.



In my 20 fails, 3 due to lag/disconnect. 2 to bugs. and 15 because of me…