Hilarious ways to lose UNCONQUERED - share your trauma

I heard some pretty awesome ways how people lost their unconquered status. Unexpected deaths you never saw befor!

For my lvl 37 DT the end came at the destiny quest in Kopshef. After lotusing and killing and collecting everything I decided to leave the “meant” way instead of porting out. Jumped down into the lake, swam slowely to the small river that leaves the lake…a blink, and DEAD!
I found out that if you slightly touch one of the waterfalls the game makes you swim up the waterfall almost too fast to see, then on the top the water no longer holds you and you fall down. Directly underneath the waterfall there is a very tiny spot of dry land. So barely touching the waterfall pulled me up and dropped me onto this tiny spot in the fraction of a second.
I managed to reproduce this in 2 out of 50 trys.

Bad luck^^

What happened to you?


This is a really a curious way to die. I will try to reproduce it.
My one and, prolly, the unique attempt to do an unconquered run was with an assassin toon and ended in much more traditional and prosaic way. I soloed Pyramid of Ancients at lv 37 and despite knowing what to do, the last boss casted the first spell as demon a second first I used the right ward. I lost with 1 hit almost 95% of health …and well there wasn’t story anymore

I jumped down a hill in Atzel’s Approach that I knew I would survive since I did this with one of my other characters a lot of times already when doing the achievements… at the bottom there is a camp full of enemies and since my other character is already level 80 they didn’t attack anymore though my unconquered character was just in the level range.
Now I stood there with like 5% health directly in the camp pulling all the enemies… yeah…
Luckily I was playing a Conqueror and had the healing bubble feated already. If I didn’t have that I would have died. My heart was racing for sure.
The whole scene reminded me of a cartoon where they fall through a roof directly into a group of bad guys :smiley:


Stood next to the sapling of life in Forgotten City until my health was 100%. Pulled the epic Guards without ever clicking it.
3 times died because of disconnected from server (Funny that I have also played many hours on regular characters and it is ONLY the un-conquered that have lost connection).
died 4 times because mobs aggroed through walls and/or from far away for no reason. You get surrounded and can’t get out to run away.
Jumped down a far distance and took 80% of my health. Waited until health was 100% then jumped down less than 1/2 the distance and died (In E-Mountains).
Went for a mini Boss on White Sands and got 1 shot killed by a level 71 minion someone left up.
Got “stuck” climbing down a ladder. Since I could not go down, decided to go back up and path out. As soon as I started up, I did that weird fast climb and fall to death thing.
Many times I died because I just don’t watch my health bar close enough (I tend to play and watch TV/Netfix at the same time).

I am on attempt number 27 and just in my mid 50’s…Best so far was level 74.

Have 5 unconquered toons at the moment, but the one that has eluded me so far is HoX. Both tries, died at level 77/78 in a villa of all places, doing fights I’d done a hundred times before. Both were fighting two mobs and I think I started at full health like always, but all of a sudden my health dropped dramatically and before I could get away, poof, I was dead.

My level 6 DT in Tortage. I had just finished killing all the pirates beside/behind the Bearded Clam to get the gold sacks when I turned around and fell off that little bridge while my health was still low.


First death, disconnected while fighting a snake in gateway.

Second death, jumped in the river by Tesso while fighting wolves treading water fine, stepped away for 5 secs. Dead in the water.

Third and most frustrating, 73 lvl conq inside a villa, disconnected and dead. I had survived d/c before with the conq, but not this time. Came back fast, to no avail. I am done trying. If I died because of mobs, skill then ok but to me there is no sense to die because of connection or server farts. Good luck to those who try.

That is a good one.

I am on character 8. Nothing too funny, most just my own impatience and stupidity so I have only made it to lvl 47 so far. The worst one for me was falling through the floor in Underhalls - a place I have been to a 1000 times. I felt like an idiot. The most annoying ones for me is twice on a DT doing the Tortage destiny quest I went to the Warehouse and it freezes. I hear the enemy and eventually die.

I should just make it harder and start and Unconquered Purist toon. I have not made lvl 50 anyway so what is the risk at this point :slight_smile:

Most frustrating one was with lvl 74 bear in villas…been there hundreds of times, went into one room and suddenly had six mobs on me with health under half and was surrounded and died.

Frustrating. Now I avoid that particular area and go up from the stairs instead

have died to asleep at kb, alt tabbing at a ‘safe area’ that wasn’t…died in UH with barb and surrounded by four mobs

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Not sure it qualifies it hilarious way of losing my unconquered HoX but I could at least laugh about it. I was level 43-ish and decided to go do some Villas as they are harmless and quite good XP.

It started well until I got up to the 2nd floor of Villa Amiel. One of the guards there decided to knockback me, I sighed a bit (KB is the CC I hate the most) and got up. Little did I know that knockback would be the end of me. That sneaky guard had put me inside the wall and I couldnt flee, use /stuck or do anything. So I could just watch as the guard slowly, really really slowly, ate my health points away. :slight_smile:


Lag. 3 times. Now i never trying unconq again.

Lost my latest Unconq Char, a Level 69 DT in Thunderriver by a Bug.
Leveling in Tankstance, killing some Picts in this Area, doing Quests. Run to 2 NPC Archers, Pictish Fleshripper, 2-3 Level below me…one Archer Hits me for 9642 Damage. I was instant Dead with a full Lifepool.

My first two tries with an Unconquered Char ended up dying by lag in lower Level. Screen freezing, and Dt´s falling to Death.

Thx Funcom for this Experience.

That was the last time I let this company with all its bad, non-existent support still a cent to come. It’s sad how a game maker can make a game that way and the player does not care. One can only advise against anybody to financially support Funcom in any way.

Pyramid got my sin too! The game had been spank easy so far and at 42 I thought I was going to wreck that place but I activated the wards too late. Going to try this again and just do the content I’m familiar with lol

I was roleplaying with some of my female guild members and well one thing led to another…

Neverlin came in…knife emote flew…

When the dust settled someone had rp plunged a steely blade into mine abdomen and I was naught for life…

As bounded by RP tradition i was forced to remake with no explanation that i was unconquered!

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I had some near death experiences but that was the worst:
I was leveling my level 39 unconquered barbarian. The game disconected me. I log in fast.
I’m surrounded by 5 mobs lvl 38 with i had near 200 health, somehow manage to drink a lvl 30 cheap health potion and fast kill 2 mobs, make a small run while blood rage healed me, then killed the other 3. The game remain lagged so i just quit 5 minutes later.

I was playing it very carefully, taking my lvl 16 HoX into the volcano for the first time.
Mobs were at lvl 11.
Just killed Shenti-Aku and was running to the exit.
The game suddenly became laggy and started rubberbanding.
I only had to cross the last little bridge when I suddenly found myself engulfed by lava.

Okay … as they say when making movies: Scene 7 Take 2

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Clipped through that tall ladder in the Acheronian Ruins on Tortage and plummeted to my death! Good times!

“Played many hours on normal without a disconnect”. Man, you called it, I don’t think I had a disconnect while playing since I stopped unconquered. One at login but none while playing.

Tortage, destiny quest, barbarian. Like a feline, I climb the tall tower that will lead me to the treasury. The two guards have no escape from me, they don’t even know what hit them. I walk in, silent as a cat. As a shadow I steal the key from Strom, too drunk for perceive my presence. A single guard protects the treasury, it is an insult, the axe rotates fast and his head flies, I open the door, the phoenix medallion is mine. I go out and take the stairs … I’m stuck, I can’t climb up, I can’t get off. I try one desperate jump … a bloodstain is all that remains of me, in a sleepy and silent Tortage at night